My Inner Light

Will someday in the far future someone find my life and relive it?

I have written many posts about dying & death; it is inevitable and it will happen someday.

I have written many posts about leaving something behind; mementos, keepsakes, documents, treasures and legacy.

In my post ‘What do I want to leave when I am gone?‘, I ended with the following –

Maybe this blog and maybe someday that book will be available to them to read and maybe, just maybe they will learn something from me.

What do I want to leave when I am gone?

In my post ‘How will my story be written?‘, I ended with the following –

My life is in me and on this blog; this is my story being written.

Will my story be forgotten?  Will anyone really care if my story is written?

How will my story be written?

I today’s post, I continue with the following –

In an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation titled ‘The Inner Light’, a life of a man of long ago is being relived. Per

An alien probe controls and disables Captain Picard, who wakes up as “Kamin,” a resident of the planet Kataan. While the crew of the Enterprise tries to jar the probe’s influence, “Kamin” lives through the final, dying decades of his homeworld in the span of approximately twenty minutes in the form of an interactive “ancestor simulation”.

In my post ‘Online Presence Never Dies‘ I began with the following –

My online presence will live forever – my online presence never dies.

Have you thought about what happens to our online presence once we have left this world?

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

The Inner Light’, concludes with the following –

[Picard’s quarters]

(Picard is re-discovering his possessions when the doorbell rings. He has to think what that sound is)

 PICARD: Come.

 RIKER: Hello, sir. Feeling better?

 PICARD: Yes. Yes, thank you. But I find I’m having to rediscover that this is really my home.

 RIKER: We were able to open the probe and examine it. Apparently, whatever had locked onto you must have been self terminating. It’s not functioning any longer. We found this inside.

 (Riker hands him a box and leaves. Inside it is a penny whistle with a tassel. Picard clutches it to his chest for a moment, then plays his Skye Boat song variation on it)

Will someone find my blog far into the future and through reading my words, relive my experiences?

Will someday in the far future someone find my life and relive it?

I conclude with a quote from ‘The Inner Light’ episode –

We will have found life again

31 thoughts on “My Inner Light

  1. No I had not thought about my online presence in this way Terry.. What I can say is, you are sharing Truth, Love and Light about your Earth Experience.. And I am certain you are leaving a wonderful legacy for those who will read your words..
    Have a wonderful Peaceful weekend Terry..
    Love and Light Sue

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      • Trekkies are the best 😉 And thank you, I´m fine, just started a new job this week! Hope all is going to be well but I have good feeling abou it 🙂 The only downside is that I will have much less time for blogging during the week, but will try to keep up with you as much as I can!!! Hope all is (relatively?) well with you too!!! Have a happy day, dear friend! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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