Almighty Sun

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Almighty Sun

Almighty Sun –

Almighty sun, I have yearned for you and your warmth.  The recent days of past are overcast with sorrow and the weeping continues with reprise.  I have yearned almighty sun, for you to pour your rays upon me so that I may again find that for which I search.  Almighty sun, you provide the dryness, the warmth, the light so that I may search for the lifeline that sustains me.

Upon searching the vast world, and climbing the highest tree to reach you, the fondness of your smile somehow brings confusion to me.  Your rays of burning fire seem less disturbing to my body and I ponder to approach you closer in fear of the unknown that may await me.   Upon climbing and reaching the top, your size and proportion seem less than predictable.

What power you must encompass within your body to set forth rays of fire to warm this land.  But, yet the close presence to you almighty sun is one of comfort and solace.  I seek you almighty sun in search of the fiery one’s abilities and attributes.

But jest I, for you seem lifeless and emotionless and one of a rigid and silent statuette.  I shall search again someday long and wide for that which provides the dryness, the warmth, the light, the –

Almighty Sun

33 thoughts on “Almighty Sun

  1. You, me and the anole are all sun worshippers! Sometimes I think I was born with some lizard DNA. Right now my feet are like blocks of ice and it is 78 degrees in the house. I have a sweater and pants on….I am getting some blood tests of Monday so I will empathize with you. 🙂

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