The Tough Road

In my post ‘Trouble Concentrating and Staying Focused‘, I wrote the following –

I understand taking medications would diminish the symptoms and then I would not have such a challenge to take on. But without the challenge I will not become stronger to overcome the symptoms.


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In a post back in June titled ‘Interference‘, I wrote about my ADD and my wandering mind and the difficulty I have concentrating.

In today’s post I write the following –

The post ‘Interference’, receive quite a few comments.  One of them was a fellow blogger ‘weebluemixer’ and she wrote the following –

Sometimes the simple option is not the best option in the longer term and medications can be seen as quick fix. Things worth having don’t come easy. If you actually learn how to control your symptoms through things like cognitive work or mindfulness or whatever works for you then you are equipping yourself with tools that you can continue to revisit, use and amend. Overcoming these symptoms and challenges will also give you a confidence boast, and that confidence can then be used to tackle other problems and challenges. I really enjoying stopping in past and reading your posts xx

I responded with the following response –

You DO understand! And I am liking your response very much! Thank you, truly I appreciate you!

I appreciate everyone that comments on my blog.  I do receive comments where people understand where I am coming from when writing a post about me, my life, my reasons, and my thinking.


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As many of you know I have dealt with many difficulties early in my life; in my 20s I suffered from a major depression.  I did take medications back then as it was necessary in my recovery.  I also attended therapy that took place for over 13 years for me to overcome that major depression that was strong and wanted to defeat me, destroy me and kill me.

I have the ADD symptoms, the OCD symptoms and the Borderline Personality symptoms, and many other symptoms of other ‘conditions’ that I do not take medication for.  For me, I take the tough road.

I take the tough road at times when dealing with my issues, those things in my life that are difficult.  Today, I am taking on a new difficult issue, cancer and I know again the road will be tough.  I will struggle and overcome and be a better person as a result of this new challenge.  As this struggle started mounting with pain, I started taking medications, it was time; it is needed.


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Now that I know the battle will involve chemotherapy, it is tougher than I first imagined.  The beginning of this year the word ‘cancer’ became a popular word in my vocabulary.  The 2 previous surgeries were major indicators for what was to come.  8 months later after finding cancer is a part of me; a part of my body – the time has arrived.

Come on cancer, take your best shot – I have been on the tough road before, I will do it again.

41 thoughts on “The Tough Road

  1. Your strength of character is so powerful, your optimism and energy, your playfulness and humour all reach out of the screen and give me the push I need to lift myself up on a bad day or get myself moving when the joints are objecting. Thank you, Terry, for being there for *us* – it’s not all a one-way street. 😊

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  2. You know i send you strength, which you have you know i send you positivity which you have, your mind set is right on track, so no problem there and you sure can boogie ! So boogie with everyones Support over the next 12 weeks You Can Do This !! Can you feel the BOOGIE……..

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