Ton of Sun & Fun

In my post ‘5 days, and more‘, I concluded with the following –

We are here in Pensacola, Florida our 5th day and the location is perfect as we are within walking distance to the beach.  The surroundings are relaxing and peaceful and the quietness is welcomed after living in the city of Dallas for many years.

The original planning for our travel adventure is on hold for now until after the surgery and recovery.  My feelings are, most likely my recovery will go into the fall and then with the holidays and winter; the travel adventure will start next Spring.

5 days, and more to come.

In today’s post I conclude with the following –

We are now in Pensacola, Florida for 3 weeks, here is proof –







82 thoughts on “Ton of Sun & Fun

  1. You look rested and fit and relaxed. The pup looks like she’s settling in well too…and I love the picture of her under the umbrella, tongue lolling, just taking in the sights. Obviously “trailer life” suits you two. Lovely!!

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    • Yes, the ‘trailer life’, is certainly suiting us very well – who knew? And Roxy, she is loving her new home also. Thanks dear for the comment, I appreciate you very much and hope you are doing well. 🙂


  2. The DOG!!!!!! Love it so much! Great pictures! It is hot as blazes out but it feels so good to be with your feet in the sand doesn’t it! I just went to the beach for the first time in 17 years and it was awesome!

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