No soy Rickey

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I am not Ricky

No soy Rickey –

It was before the time of him, the one that many thought was the other.  On the street, crowds would surround the one and the response would be “es él”.  The response would be “No, no!”, and the one would be swiftly taken and moved away.  The other sites and locations would always be the same for the one that many thought was the other.  And the usual “es Rickey” would be shouted and followed by the common response “I am not Rickey.”  Did they not understand the time was not right, his time had already passed and how could he be young again to be there again at that age?

A decade has passed, he was older, but the one was younger and it could not be him, the one.  Still the crowd grew and shouted “Sabemos que es usted!”  The one’s response firmly was “no, no se no es él, soy yo.”

But wait, why was the one’s response in Spanish and not English?  Could it be, that he the one was the other?  No, no podía ser!

21 thoughts on “No soy Rickey

  1. Hey Terry, I’m all over your site, looking for your name, and the right place to comment. Found it, and this is as good as any.

    I love this parallel universe you’ve created here. The Spearfruit Improv Hour. It’s like that show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway,” except only for Spearfruit followers. Just riffin’, man…awesome!

    Anyhoo, I was re-visiting Alexis’ site and saw your pic and thought “there’s a happy follower of Alexis’, I should pay him a visit.”

    I am genuinely interested in everyone’s blog, but I wanted to see what kind of influence she has on you. Do your blogs look the same? Do you post about the same things? How popular is your blog? Will she have the same effect on me? I just started following her today after she graciously followed me. Her advice and experiences have really made me assess the state of my blog and how to improve. I just had to start somewhere. I’ll get into a groove. I’m just happy to be here. I think the only reason she followed me was so I could become a better blogger, lol. Like a WordPress guardian angel.

    All kidding aside, I was impressed by your blog right away. Nothing fancy. Nice and clean. Just a guy and his blog. Then I read your About Me. The level of respect multiplied instantly. Follow. I have suffered from depression and ADHD as well. I don’t channel it as positively as you. My troubles seemed distant. You’re words really impacted. You ARE helping more than yourself. I could go on about how I was still analyzing everything about your blog. Daily Posts, I try to do the same but haven’t found my niche yet nor am I disciplined enough. 70s music, groovy man. Characteristics of Me. Pictures & Stories, haha, great idea!

    I scroll down, see the awards, trying to figure out if those are yours, or ads, or just showing support for all the types of blogger awards. Blogs I Follow, man, I want that on my site…wow you’ve got a good history of Archives.

    I know! I’ll go all the way to the beginning of your blog. That will tell me something! And it did. Me and ADD. There it was again. To hear it as you were starting your blog really made me take pause. Over a year later and you’re still going strong even though it’s obviously as present as that first day. Mad respect.

    I was, however, sad to see the one lone comment on that post:

    cherylchristine11 on May 29, 2015 at 6:43 am said:
    “Now with more free time, feelings of not being in a hurry and having no focus, this has created more chaos then calmness in my mind.” This is exactly how I feel. I often don’t know what to do with myself, which causes me a lot of distress.

    Especially since she deleted her blogs. Man I hope she just got burnt out on blogging. I wanted to comment there, but I hadn’t found your name yet and I didn’t want my first comment to be impersonal. I started searching…

    Chemo? Nooo! Stage 4? Dammit, man! I’m glad you’re sharing and not facing it alone my friend. “I should really comment here,” I thought. Still no name. “Damn.”

    Well, I finally found your name on this post, after I figured out to click the post to get to the like button and comments, lol. I saw garyberrylights when I hovered over your pic a few times, glad I didn’t go with that!

    What was only supposed to be a quick perusal of your blog turned into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. I’m honored to have stumbled in. I wish the best for you brother. Be strong. Stay positive. I know that’s easy for me to say but i truly mean it. I don’t believe in prayer or religion per se, but what can it hurt to throw one up, to whoever, for you? I don’t know a single one of your followers, but I know they’ve all gotta be rooting for you as well. I see you posted you took today off. That’s just funny in itself, but good for you. Sorry to interrupt your day off haha.

    Ok, I’ve rambled enough. Is it blog faux paw to turn a comment into a novella? My bad, lol. My only wish as I wrap this up is that I gave you back something you gave to me:


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    • Eric, first of all thank you for following my blog and your heartfelt comment is always welcomed here. I usually respond to comments quickly, but this week of events caused me to run late on my responses. Though I consider myself just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, it humbles me that I have some impact on others here through my blog. I am glad you received some hope from my writings and my life. You will find I have a theme here on my blog, a phrase that I use often – Have a happy day my friend.


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