67 thoughts on “Drain

  1. My dear friend …. you are in the wars! Of course you are emotional. You don’t need to thank me nor anyone else. I am sure I speak for us all when I say we are here for YOU right now. No thanks, no reciprocation needed because that’s what friends are for. I send you all the strength and warmth I have; my daughter who is staying with me joins me and so does my husband. And The Bean, of course which is pretty splendid because she has distinct Diva tendencies! Concentrate on you and please thank Gary for taking care of you and the hospital too because you know something? You are one of the most special blessings of my life. Truly xx

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  2. And….I, who have had a few rounds (the latest end of July 2016) with kidney stones; let me say to you and everyone, I would must sooner have a sixth child than endure these kidney stones-it is one painful experience. So, my dear friend I know and I have a high tolerance for pain myself but these stones do me in-wipe me out and strong narcotics to alleviate the pain until I pass them (with or without a catheter or stent?) one never knows when I enter the hospital. Hang in there Terry-brace for some rain and wind! You are going to be fine. Big Sunshine Hugs to you both.

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  3. Im glad to see your face and hear your voice, and happy to hear the drain is providing pain relief. Sending you oodles of support, warm love and some exta kick-cancers-ass strength. Rest and heal my friend! 😃 Alexis

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  4. So glad that the drain is making you feel a lot more comfortable. No need to thank us for being here that’s was friends do for one another, through the good and the bad. I hope the chemo goes well. It was good to see you and good to see that you were still managing to smile even though you were clearly emotional too and its ok to feel like that. Take care, relax and rest and that goes for Gary too. Lots of love to both of you x

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  5. Terry I am amazed that in the midst of all your pain and clinical procedures you are worrying about the rest of us and that you somehow summon up the strength to keep us updated with your ‘doings’. It is good for us to see your smiling face, no matter how much pain you’re in. However, there is so much pressure on people with cancer or any other longterm condition to keep smiling, to stay positive and battle on, but you know you’re human and you need to let it out sometimes too, and hopefully this is a safe place for you to do that, and sometimes you need to take a step back and just ‘be’, as you did with your day off and your meditation. No explanations necessary. Thank you for thinking of us, but please don’t ‘drain’ yourself on our behalf. I am relieved at your ‘relief’, kidney pain is no fun. I hope you can get some much-needed rest now. 😊

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    • Thanks Chris, trust me I am not draining myself on your behalf, as this blog is an outlet for me during times I need to do something other than sitting and watching TV. My blog inspires me in many ways and when the time comes I need rest, I get it and do not think about this blog or my computer or phone – I have a good balance. I appreciate your sincere support and know I am resting, healing and taking care of myself. 🙂

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  6. Glad the drain and medication are helping to relieve some of the pain. Pain is emotionally and physically draining you can’t help but be emotional. Know you are thought of with care and hopes for healing each day.

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  7. Glad they were able to give some relief……We, my husband I both speak of you and Gary daily….sending our healing thoughts and I will keep twirling to help the chemo work to its fullest…hope the wind and rain misses you guys…..xxxxxxxxxxxxkat

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  8. Okay finally was able to listen to your post….I was unable to get the audio on my computer to play but its being nice again and cooperating…..My dear friend….its okay to take time away from us…we are all here for you….never need to say your sorry, that’s not the kind of relationship you have with all of us….don’t be sorry for what’s going on in your life….let us carry that load…just rest, let your body take in the chemo and let it do its thing…of course we love hearing from you, and knowing whats going on, but my dear, rest!!!! I know that it helps to blog and put it out there, its actually very therapeutic for me…I am hoping bypassing your bladder will give you some much needed relief…sending you lots and lots and lots of energy and of course hugs!!!! love your smile….<<<<>>>>>kat

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    • Kat, I understand where you are coming from with regards to me not needing to be sorry for what is going on in my life. I at times feel obligated to post everyday not just necessarily because of you the readers, but really it is a goal I have set for myself. I feel if I disappoint myself, than I am disappointing you as well. Like you I do find blogging therapeutic in many ways. Thank you for the loads of energy and hugs, they are always welcomed! 🙂


  9. Oh, Terry! This sounds like an awful procedure but I really hope it helps to reduce the pain! I want you to know that I´m thinking of you everyday!!! I keep sending you positive and healing thoughts garnished with gigantic HUGS!!! xxxxxxxx

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    • Hey Sarah, the procedure was not as painful as I expected and the current situation is not bad either. The pain is certainly reduced, which allows me to get some good sleep and rest. Thanks dear for your continued healing thoughts and hugs. I hope everything in your life is going well for you. Have a happy weekend. 🙂

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