I feel so pretty

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture. I feel so pretty

I feel so pretty –

It is not easy working in the hospitality industry.  The long hours of working so others can enjoy their vacation time; really why should I work hard for others to take advantage of me?  I am not even paid for what I have to do; unlike ‘the others’, you know who I am talking about ‘the others’.  ‘the others’ who toss me into water and heat – why are they paid to treat me this way?

And don’t get me started on ‘them’.  ‘them’, you know those enjoying their vacations; they use me then throw me on the floor, and why would they do that; look at me!  Look at how pretty I am just laying here on the bed – on the bed waiting for you know who!

Okay, yes this is my job, but really?  I feel so pretty, then I am used and worse yet, thrown on the floor.  Really?

Then another day starts and I do it all over again; laying here and looking pretty – all in a day’s works.

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    • Most of the pics in this category are mine, I watermark them with spearfruit.com, not that I really care to have credit for them. I certainly am not a photographer – they are all taken with my smartphone and occasionally grab a good shot. Thanks Molli, for always stopping by to read, I appreciate you. Happy Saturday! 🙂

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