we missed the storm

We missed the storm.

You may have heard about Hermine, the hurricane that decided to make its way to Florida this past week.  We missed the storm.


When I lived in Texas we had hurricanes but I did not pay too much attention to them because living in the northern part of Texas, we never received the ‘direct hit’.  I never thought about the ‘direct hit’ aspect of a hurricane, it just was not a concern of mine.  Now it is, but we were lucky, we missed the storm.

Last week, it wasn’t that I was not interested in the weather or specifically Hermine, but I had other things on my mind.   I was not feeling well and therefore I had no interest in matters of the world, whether that be politics, world events or the weather.  I did not care, and I know I should, but I did not care.

The weather was at times on my mind ever so slightly as I did wish Hermine to go somewhere else besides here – we missed the storm.


Image Provided by: wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu

You see the current living situation is Gary, Roxy and I living in a 5th wheel in an RV park on the Pensacola Naval Air Station next to the water.  If Hermine were to come this way for a ‘direct hit’ or a near miss, we would have to uproot and leave for higher ground.  Me in the condition I was in last week, was not wanting to move and honestly would not be of any big help in moving to the higher ground.  So, I was being selfish and wanted and wished the tropical storm at that time; the now hurricane Hermine to go elsewhere.

The selfish me now feels badly that so many others are suffering as a result of the ‘direct hit’ and the near miss.  We missed the storm.

The weather here is calm, the water a little choppy, and the rain and wind held off.

When living in the northern part of Texas, we never received the ‘direct hit’ and therefore this was never important; I know now how important this is to many others in our country.  I appreciate Hermine moved to a different area for my own selfish reasons.  I regret others in my new state of Florida are experiencing the results of the ‘direct hit’ and the near miss.  I know Floridians are strong and resilient.


Image Provided by: http://www.wtvy.com

The hurricane season has a new meaning for me in my new location.  Hermine decided to move elsewhere, but what about next time?

This time – we missed the storm.

22 thoughts on “we missed the storm

  1. Terry, hurricanes, tornadoes, all that stuff scares me. I think I would be living in constant fear ! Try not feel too guilty about your thoughts last week, I am sure everyone understands, it all was beyond your control, as with your health issues. I hope this week will be better for you my friend. Lets hope that there will be no more hurricanes and that everyone can be safe. Have a good day 🙂

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  2. Floridians are as resilient as all the other Gulf Coast Residents and Hermine was a small hurricane. It was probably my fault that it went further east as I was wishing it away from you. ☺ We have got used to Hurricanes and the weeks without power but the recent flooding was worse because when would it stop. As Turtle pointed out – you had your own hurricane to deal with. K x

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