Bacon Grease


When it comes to adding flavor and richness to your cooking, there’s little better than bacon fat. As a bonus, you are required to cook and eat bacon before getting to the grease; a task we are more than happy to tackle. But before you start sizzling, there are a few things you need to know about rendering it right, storing it, and cooking with it.


For those chefs out there, sorry if I ruin your future cooking endeavors using bacon grease.

In my post ‘The lab experiment‘, I wrote the following –

My oncologist Dr. D. is out of the country and I was seen this week by another oncologist in the same office.  The appointment was then proceeded by my 2nd week of chemo yesterday.  Next week will be my 3rd week of the cycle and therefore I will take a week off before starting the next cycle.  My oncologist Dr. D. will be back starting my 2nd cycle of chemotherapy.

In today’s post, I write the following –

This week involved no doctor’s appointments, no procedures, no hospitals and no chemo; it was vacation week.  Because I have a drain and tube sutured to my back and connected to my right kidney, I require daily care to ensure the area stays sterile and the tube is free from blockage.  I have a home health professional that visits me daily to flush the tube and ensure the area with the tube is stable and healthy.

With these visits, the only events associated with my health; it made for a nice week.

The immediate days following my 2nd chemo session were not too bad as I am handling the chemo better than expected and hope this trend continues.  The nausea is kept to a minimum, basically non-existent; to a great relieve for me.  I am fatigued the immediate days following my chemotherapy treatment requiring me to be less active than I would like to be.

I am seeing some changes to my body, though small, they are obvious to me, but most likely not to others.  I see small bruising to my skin that I would never had seen before unless I received a high impact hit of sorts.  No, just a small bump and some bruising is created.  Then there are the dry feet; yes, the skin on my feet are very dry, causing some flaking, why is this?  After each shower, there is the small but noticeable hair on the floor of the shower.   I know there will be thinning of hair and the possibility of total hair loss; I have no problem with losing my hair as I keep it short to begin with.

One interesting side effect of the chemotherapy is a couple of days after my treatment, my hands feel greasy; not oily but greasy.  They have the feeling of me taking them and rubbing bacon grease all over them, greasy bacon grease.  Very strange feeling and I constantly wash them thinking the ‘grease’ will be removed, but to no avail.


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So my week with no doctor’s appointments, no procedures, no hospitals and no chemo is coming to an end and next week we begin again another cycle.  Another cycle of certainties and expected results.

The routine of cycles is in progress, the moving forward to a healthier me continues and I get to look forward to my hands feeling like bacon grease.

54 thoughts on “Bacon Grease

  1. Very strange. Maybe you could rub some of the grease from your hands onto your feet? 😉 I don’t know yet whether I will go through chemo or not until after the mastectomy and genetic testing on the tumor itself. I will be following your progress closely and sending all kinds of love and prayers and good wishes your way ❤

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  2. Well, after all this, you still have your sense of humor, and look at things on the bright side which is brilliant. I am so glad that you are dealing with the chemo well, and hope and pray it continues that way. Enjoy your freedom from the doctors 🙂 and have a great day further. Hugs x

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  3. At least they don’t smell like bacon…that good be a good thing perhaps…LOL I use virgin coconut oil on my dry feet (from swimming in the pool they get dry and flakey) and it really helps, it also absorbs discoloration on the skin, just a thought it might help on the bruising like spots your seeing..
    . (this one was about breast cancer, but it talked about chemo vs use of virgin coconut oil…)
    here’s just one web site I went to regarding using coconut oil while receiving chemo….
    Just a thought my friend…couldn’t hurt is how I look at it…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkat

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  4. That is a strange symptom but very timely for me to read this as my hubby just cooked bacon for BLTs made from our fresh tomatoes from the garden for dinner tonight. (We are Pacific time and eat a little later than most people.) I can see why you wish your hands smelled like bacon grease! Take care and continued good wishes on your treatments and recovery. xoxo

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  5. Well, it does sound a little bit weird, but at least it´s a symptom that doesn´t seem so bad a nausea or the like. I was really worried you might get these! I also think you should just rub your feet with your hands next time 😉 Seems like your body wants to provide you with something of it´s own to help you with your feet! How very thoughtful indeed! 😉 First I thought it would be nive when they would smell of bacon, too, but on second thoughts it might get annoying with time, as the smell of bacon always makes me hungry! 🙂

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  6. My friend had these odd things. It sounds very familiar all of it! ” try lemon juice , try vinegar” nope doesn’t work. Somehow it’s just the body’s reaction. I’m so so god you haven’t had the nausea. Thinking of you. I know that sounds crazy as I don’t really know you but my heart seems to and I do think of you often and pray you are faring well through all of this!

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  7. Terry, Did you watch “Stand Up to Cancer” Saturday night? It was filled with stories of people who had chemo and are cancer free or in remission. Chemo is one of the most difficult of treatments, i think. It must be an interminable time for you and so a week’s vacation is a joy in itself. I think about you often and send good wishes off to you in Florida as you deal with cancer and become settled in your new life style. 💙 Clare

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  8. I vividly remember my mother’s bacon grease tin. It was a covered round aluminum container with an insert in the top that had holes. She poured the bacon grease into the container and the insert trapped the bacon deposits. The grease was used for cooking and frying, and the yummy deposits were used in recipes.

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