Why would I watch it?

In my post ‘Bacon Grease‘, I wrote the following –

One interesting side effect of the chemotherapy is a couple of days after my treatment, my hands feel greasy; not oily but greasy.


Image Provided by: bonappetit.com

They have the feeling of me taking them and rubbing bacon grease all over them, greasy bacon grease.  Very strange feeling and I constantly wash them thinking the ‘grease’ will be removed, but to no avail.

In today’s post, I write the following –

I received many comments about that post, and certainly appreciate each and every one of them.  One of those comments came from Clare over at Around ZuZu’s Barn.  If you are unfamiliar with her blog, I encourage you go visit her – she is dear to me.

Clare and I exchanged a couple of comments, that went like this –

Clare –

Terry, Did you watch “Stand Up to Cancer” Saturday night? It was filled with stories of people who had chemo and are cancer free or in remission. Chemo is one of the most difficult of treatments, i think. It must be an interminable time for you and so a week’s vacation is a joy in itself. I think about you often and send good wishes off to you in Florida as you deal with cancer and become settled in your new life style. Clare

Me –

Clare, I did watch “Stand Up to Cancer” and I was emotional the whole time watching. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes and yes, back to chemo this coming week. Happy Sunday!

Clare –

Me, too. But you saw how much hope there is for all of us and that must have made you smile through the tears..

Me –

Yes, absolutely!



Prior to today I would have never watched this show.  Why would I watch it?  Cancer has nothing to do with me and therefore the show would be boring and a waste of my time.  That day I expressed to Gary I would like to watch it, and he agreed.  As indicated in my above comment to Clare, I was emotional the whole time watching.  I felt sorrow for others and myself that we are dealing with cancer and having to deal with it in a not so pleasant method.  I felt joy and happiness, that advances are taking place and people are recovering from their cancer and living wonderful lives.  I felt heartache for those families and friends who lost a loved one to cancer.

There is no reason for me to watch this show in the past.  Why would I watch it?  In the past I did not have cancer and I have no immediately family member who has had cancer, why would I be interested?  Today cancer is me and I watched the show with many moments of tears coming from my eyes.  As I sat there watching, I wondered if any of my family were watching?  I assume they never watched this type of show in the past, why would they watch?

Times have changed and now I have cancer – I hope there were a few family members that watched this show.  Not because of me, but because of others; the progress being made and those stories that touched my heart.


Image Provided by: http://www.joytv.ca

52 thoughts on “Why would I watch it?

  1. I was thinking of you Terry and hoping that you are faring well with your treatments. Life is full of challenges and like you, I think many of us probably don’t think of things that don’t personally affect us or those close to us. Lately I’ve been fond of saying it’s so easy when we are on the other side of any given situation but it changes once we find ourselves on “other side”.

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  2. I understand, although I have watched the show in past years. But of course we pay more attention to things that relate to us. Since I found I have breast cancer it seems the commercials on cancer treatment centers are on every ten minutes! Thinking of you, maybe that side effect will lessen ❤

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  3. I didn’t see it but I’m so glad you did. Releasing some of the emotion and feeling connected is all part of the good fight you are fighting. Cancer IS you right now. Feeling joined to others is essential to buoying up your spirit. Chemo sucks but support from others sings 😊

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  4. We don’t have TV so I missed the show. BUT I got your blog coming in Good and Strong.
    You’re on the road to healing. Stay strong with the Good Feelings, and laugh, laugh loud and as much as you can. How you do it is your own thing, just do your best to laugh. Shake yourself into some positive vibes.

    Thought of you as I walked the dog this morning. It was a pleasant morning and good thoughts are drifting our way.

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  5. Chemotherapy has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, and although still brutal.. Both my sister and my Dad had Chemo.. And my sister stood up to Cancer and beat it.. And so will you Terry.. She was 36 with four young children.. And she told it where it could go.. So that is what I am talking about when you channel your energies..
    My thoughts are with you as your treatment progresses, but know you are going to emerge the Winner..
    Love to you my greasy spoon.. 😉

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  6. I rarely to never watch TV (too busy) but as you know I featured a blog post of a friend of mine Debbie@www.themountainkitchen.com/fighting Melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancers) and her journey just this week. As I follow her and you; their are others as well. No one is immune to the “C”-we all carry the cells. Fight on Terry because you will prevail and be victorious in the end I know that! Big sunshine Hugs you way.

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  7. Stand up to Cancer, sounds like it was amazing ! Sadly I do not recall in showing here in South Africa, but certainly will be on the lookout for it, or even better, try and download it. I am very into programs like that. I find them extremely emotional, as it is real life. There is no hiding from truth. What I am happy about is that medical science has improved over the years. If you look at things say 25 years ago, till now, medical science has evolved at an immense rate. You are in great hands my friend. Fight this nasty fight. I hope you are well today and your day is better. Love and Hugs xxx

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    • The show was amazing, real life, happy, sad and inspiring – I am glad I watched it. Certainly lots of advances in the past 25 years, I am fortunate we have come so far in treating cancer and other diseases. Happy Friday my friend. 🙂

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    • At this very moment while typing this response, I am receiving my chemo treatment. I was released from the hospital yesterday – YAY! Weekend is going to be raining, but that is okay, as long as I am home. Thanks dear kat! 🙂

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  8. Why watch a show about cancer? Why would we, it’s just a reminder that one can get sick. I didn’t like these reminders, didn’t watch fundraiser shows about cancer or any disease. It was just not my thing and then I woke up! We live in this bubble, believing nothing can happen to us and then, when our bubble bursts, that’s when we become more aware of our surroundings.

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  9. Pleased to hear you will be home for the weekend. I am home for the weekend too, missing my daughter and husband’s birthday Cornish Cream Tea afternoon because I’m unable to travel, but then I get to watch GBvArg Davis Cup with no interruptions! 😋 Rest and recuperate, Terry. 🎾

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  10. I missed the show but would have watched it if I knew it was on. I watched a dear friend go through what you are going through now with the surgery/radiation/chemo for a cancerous spinal tumor. She is five years cancer-free now! I had a small bout with squamous skin cancer, but that ’twas nothing and all they had to do was cut it out. If I see it will air again, I would definitely watch it! Hugs Terry. xo

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  11. I don´t know this show (it´s not available in Germany I believe), but it does sound like a very good thing to watch!! Feeling connected to other people in similar conditions helps no matter what the cause. Wish you a very happy and beautiful weekend, dear Terry!!! 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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  12. My husband lost his mother to cancer right after he turned 21. My grandmother was a 30+ year breast cancer survivor. My mom had basal cell cancer removed from her face last year. Unfortunately, I think it hits home for many of us. You are so brave to share your journey! Wishing you all the best my friend.

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