April 1972 – I’ll Be Around by The Spinners

April 1972 – a song popular in this month – I’ll Be Around by The Spinners

This song of devotion is heartbreaking on a deeper level. The lyrics, written by the aptly-named Phil Hurtt, find our hero unable to move on from a relationship that has ended.

Interesting facts about I’ll Be Around & The Spinners

The Spinners were signed to Motown Records in 1963, but were never one of the top acts at the label. In 1972, they moved to Atlantic Records, and recorded some unsuccessful session with producer Jimmy Roach.

Cover versions made the US Hot 100 in the each of the three decades after The Spinners first charted with the song:

In 1985, the Todd Rundgren-produced group What Is This? took the song to #62.

In 1995, a rap version by Rappin’ 4-Tay with The Spinners hit #39.

In 2005, Hall & Oates’ cover went to #97.

It was The Spinners’ producer Thom Bell who came up with the music and the title for the song. In our interview with Phil Hurtt, he explained: “When Thommy said ‘I’ll be around,’ I started thinking about a scenario and a story. Thommy was telling me, ‘Whenever you call me, I’ll be there.’

This information was provided by Songfacts.com

29 thoughts on “April 1972 – I’ll Be Around by The Spinners

  1. I didn’t know this song. When I first saw The Spinners in your title I thought you meant the Liverpool band of the same name who I believe are still performing. They are a folk band and covered a lot of the traditional Liverpudlian standards … I loved them as a kid and my mum was a fan but I can’t find them on CD to give her a surprise. My husband is item to be found humming one of theirs, bring a Liverpool lad himself. But what a lovely but sad song you DID choose. I enjoyed it very much and wondered what I was doing in 1972 as I got ready for my 12th birthday later in the week ….. Dreaming of joining the circus I expect!

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    • I will see if I can find something out there about The Spinners you are referring to. Glad you enjoyed my choice today and like you I was also 12 that year and most likely dreaming of joining the circus as well. What a different life I would have today. Thank you Osyth, I hope your foot is doing better or as well as can be expected. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • We might have ended up in the same circus, Terry! What amazing performers we would have been …. I’d have been the girl in spangles and sparkles doing amazing tricks on the prettiest horses. Or possibly the clown 😉

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