The Fights Continue

In my post ‘Bacon Grease‘, I wrote the following –

This week involved no doctor’s appointments, no procedures, no hospitals and no chemo; it was vacation week.  Because I have a drain and tube sutured to my back and connected to my right kidney, I require daily care to ensure the area stays sterile and the tube is free from blockage.  I have a home health professional that visits me daily to flush the tube and ensure the area with the tube is stable and healthy.

With these visits, the only events associated with my health; it made for a nice week.

In my post ‘98 Degrees‘, I wrote the following –

Sunday I felt better, therefore the final trip of my Vacation Week was taken and that evening the temperature reaches 101.6.  Monday my temperature spikes to 102.6 and I am now in the hospital.

That was the way my Vacation Week ended; no 98 Degrees, but 102.6 Degrees – not a catchy name for a boy band group!

In today’s post, I write the following –

I spent 3 days in the hospital last week receiving antibiotics to fight an infection via an IV.  You remember several weeks ago I had a procedure to insert a tube through my back into my kidney.  This tube; called a nephrostomy was removed prior to leaving the hospital.  The ureteral stent that was inserted at the time of the nephrostomy will remain the duration of the chemo treatment.  Both provided great relief from the pain I had previously experienced.  Now with no nephrostomy and just the ureteral stent, I am happier in that I can sleep in numerous positions because of no tube exiting my back and just not having it at all is, well ‘freeing’.

The hospital visit was not the most pleasant experience for me and you can read more about it in my post ‘Where is me?

Last Friday I visited my Oncologist Dr. D. followed by chemotherapy: the 1st week of the 2nd cycle for my chemotherapy; meaning I will have another treatment this week and then have next week off.  The 1st cycle was not bad in that the nausea was non-existent and I kept a healthy appetite.  Days immediately following I am very tired and fatigued, this is to be expected.  I also am experiencing mouth sores.  My gums and tongue are covered in sores and this creates discomfort; thank goodness for Magic Mouthwash!

As you can see last week was filled with many different events taking place with regards to my health.  This week will be slower with events, just chemo later in the week.  The antibiotics that were started via IV in the hospital I continue to take via pill form for several more days.

Infection continues to be fought – Cancer continues to be fought – I continue to fight.

I hope everyone has a great week, I appreciate each and every one of you, truly I do.


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37 thoughts on “The Fights Continue

  1. I am glad that this week will be less eventful in terms of the hospital than last week. I hope that being able to get some better sleep with the tube out – if you’re anything like me, getting a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference the next day in everything – mood, getting things done, just being able to enjoy the day.

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  2. And, this continual fight continues….I am so sorry for all this. Those sores must make it so dreadful and uncomfortable to eat, even though the mouthwash may ease any pain. I wish you well my friend, I wish I could just give you a magic hug and make this all go away. I am sending you a hug anyway. Hope your week will be better. 🙂

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  3. I always look forward to your posts Terry – for some reason today’s really struck a chord with me and I just wanted you to know how strong and inspiring I think you are!

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  4. Terry you will get there. It’s a horrible fight you are fighting but you will win. You astound me that you are still writing, that you are sharing your battle so eloquently and I am so very very proud to know you, my dear, dear friend

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      • You do have much to write about and your following proves just how interesting your experiences are. Your voice captivates many, strikes chords, gives hope. YOu have much to be proud of. My food is not better. I had an EMG yesterday and will see my specialist on Monday when he will give his verdict and prognosis. For now I am diligent about my PT and I swim two or three times a day which is helping keep the muscles working. When I get my bionic leg support I hope to start a fashion revolution! Thank you for being so kind …. I appreciate it so much from you!

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        • Lots going on with the foot, I hope the visit with the specialist brings somewhat better news than you expect – we can hope. I look forward to your first bionic leg support fashion show – should be fun. 🙂


  5. You got this….nothing can stand a chance against your positive attitude and all the life the seeps out of you…..stay diligent about keeping away from other people, especially kids(walking germs) until your past the chemo and get your immune system built back up…..take a hiatus away from humans for awhile….sending you love and energy…..!!!!****xxxxxkat

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  6. Thank you for telling your story and sharing your journey. I have not shared that my father has liver cancer. I tell him stories of you being out and encourage him to walk, go on little outings as his health allows. I think that I can say see here is this guy (and yes it is important it is a guy to him) and he is finding his way and you will too. Thank you for being your open and honest self with us.

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