those around me

I sit, I wait, I watch, I ponder, I accept, I acknowledge and then I realize it does not discriminate.

I sit for hours taking in those around me.  I sit for hours viewing those near to me.


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I have written previous posts about them; here are excerpts from those posts –

What is his story?

The homeless man at the same intersection every day is living with some sort of meaning and reason to carry on. He does not appear to be unhappy and occasionally I see him eating food.

I likely will never know, but whatever his misfortunes, he reminds me that no matter the environment, the struggles and challenges, there is still a reason to live and a reason to carry on.


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Easy to Label, Easy to Judge

I don’t know about you, but it is easy for me to label and judge people.  I see a news story with an interview taking place about some controversy and I label the person and then I judge.  It is easy to do, but much more difficult to not do!

I think I label and judge because of my opinions, beliefs and views on different aspects of life.  I do not like to be labeled and I certainly do not like to be judged by others – so, I should not label and judge others, but it is so easy to do.

Other people’s stories

We all have a story; successes, misfortunes, missed opportunities, lack of love, love from the right person, a broken relationship, a job loss, a family/friend loss, a birth, an illness, the list goes on.  The stories of our lives make us who we are and what we are.  Whether a brief encounter or just people watching, I wonder what people’s stories are.


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Today their stories are important to them, but it still does not discriminate.

Today my story is important to me, but it still does not discriminate.

Among those aspects of our own stories that make us different are similarities that make us the same.

The body, no matter the color of the skin, the size or shape, or the smooth skin, lines, wrinkles, color of eyes, no matter our appearance – there are similarities that make us the same.

Down inside are the organs, the sustaining parts of us, that bring breath, and life.  The body that which is us and sustains us will someday be the death of us.  Cancer knows this and it will not discriminate against anyone.  Young, old; physically fit, feeble, it does not matter.

I sit, I wait, I watch, I ponder, I accept, I acknowledge and then I realize cancer does not discriminate.

There are black, white, young and old; a man wearing a dress shirt and tie, the stately woman and the tougher looking guy. Then there is the woman with the pink hair, the majestic woman needing a little extra help, the chatty lady next to me and the young man across from me.


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Today I sit for hours taking in those around me.  Today I sit for hours viewing those near to me.  Today I sit for hours receiving chemotherapy amongst others; those around me.

40 thoughts on “those around me

  1. Oh yes, people….all people are so interesting and all have a story to tell. I remember my mom always said, she could sit and watch people for hours, the best was waiting for a bus in town, and all these people would just walk past, all for different reasons, and all with some story. When reading your post, I realised I too, am a bit judgey…but often on how someone is dressed or walks…I guess we are human (lol) Anyway, I hope you are doing okay and in fact I hope you are doing great. Hugs 🙂

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  2. Watching people is something we all like doing I think. And it can be observed by animals too, although their reason might lrather lie in the circumstance to watch out in case of danger instead of curiosity 😉 It’s certainly a good thing to pass the time… Have a happy day my friend, hope you get some good sleep after your treatment and can recover from it! xxxxx

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  3. Great post Terry. We never know what people are going through really do we? If I sat with all of you (that were in that room) on a bus, I would likely never know all of you were warriors fighting a personal battle. And there you sit in a room full of strangers, from all different walks of life, with a bond that goes deeper than many personal relationships you have all independantly had. Truly thought provoking.

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    • You are correct Sadie, sitting on a bus, many of these people I am sitting around I would not know they are battling cancer also. It just goes to show you, no matter what is displayed on the outside, there is much more inside that makes us more alike. Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you are getting better with each passing day. Have a happy weekend. 🙂


  4. I am sure you have all kinds of time to ruminate while receiving your chemo. People-watching is as good activity as any that you can do. Do you have others in the room besides you? (Group chemo?) Or do you have a view of the street from the treatment room? Just curious. 🙂 I hope this treatment treats you well Terry.

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  5. Lucky you, Gary. You get to really see and hear. Most people miss all of that. All those little things, those moments; that’s what makes people. And, you are there. Sounds like a great book to me. You can do this; your gift is how you see people. I think you need to write this into a book, and you already have the foundation. -Jennie- ❤️

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  6. People watching is one of my favorite things to do….making up stories about them….so I am sitting right there with you, hands washed and no signs of a cold….telling our stories together while your body gets what it needs to get back at it…….xxxxxxxkat

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