6 weeks remaining

In my post ‘The Fights Continue‘, I concluded with the following –

As you can see last week was filled with many different events taking place with regards to my health.  This week will be slower with events, just chemo later in the week.  The antibiotics that were started via IV in the hospital I continue to take via pill form for several more days.

Infection continues to be fought – Cancer continues to be fought – I continue to fight.

I hope everyone has a great week, I appreciate each and every one of you, truly I do.


In today’s post, I begin with the following –

The last of the antibiotics via pill form were taken last week and the fight against cancer continues.

The last chemotherapy treatment of my 2nd cycle took place last week and this week is my ‘off’ week.

What are my feelings concerning the past 6 weeks of my chemotherapy?

I am half way through my chemotherapy treatment for my cancer and find it amazing that my body is responding well with regards to side-affects.  I have had no nausea and have maintained a good appetite.  I continue to have hair and actually had to get my hair cut last week.  Basically the only major effect of the chemotherapy is tiredness and fatigue.  My energy level is non-existent and I require much rest and sleep.  I do not assume this is the norm and keep in mind that my somewhat positive response to side-affects could possibly be different with the next cycles.

In my post ‘I would like to be just away‘, I wrote the following –

Days after chemotherapy I spend in bed, resting and sleeping, for hours and hours never wanting to be in touch with reality.  I just want to be left alone in my solace and away from everything and everyone.  I find no comfort in life, in family, in anything as I once did.  This body, this person that is me now, is different and that other me is gone, buried and I do not know if he is still alive.


In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

What are my expectations for the next 6 weeks remaining of my chemotherapy?

As the weeks continue and I arrive closer to my end date with chemotherapy, I attempt to remain optimistic and realistic.  As the weeks continue and arrive close to my end date with chemotherapy, I will have conversations with my Urologist and Oncologist concerning the next steps in my treatment, care and road to a healthier life.  Let me remind you that once chemotherapy is completed, I still face the very real possibility of a major surgery.

As the weeks continue and I arrive closer to my end date with chemotherapy, I am making uncertain plans to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  I am unsure if the Thanksgiving plans will take place and sometimes really do not care if they come to be; but I make plans anyway for a trip back to Texas to spend time around this holiday with my family.

As the weeks continue and I arrive closer to my end date with chemotherapy, I look ahead to unknowns that soon will reveal themselves to me.  Uncertainties will soon be certainties.  Questions will be replaced with answers.

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55 thoughts on “6 weeks remaining

  1. Plan on Thanksgiving – it is always good to have something to aim for!

    On an entirely unrelated note, I was looking at my blog header. You know that picture of Choppy and me walking down the road? We took that in Pensacola Beach a few years ago. Just a fun little connection to tell you about on this Friday morning!

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  2. You are traveling a difficult road and are currently in “the land between” it seems with all the unknowns and unanswered questions. It’s wearisome. I will pray for you. For strength and emotional health and for continued ease with your side effects. God is the great physician. I hope you can lean into Him for strength and comfort. I am sorry you have to go through this. I admire you and your ability to look to the positive. You are brave and strong.

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  3. Never hurts to make plans…infact its down right fun…and the best part is that its okay if they don’t always come about…sometimes the alternative plans are even better…sometimes….glad your heading into the a week off…nothing like a break….but take it easy my friend…sleep and rest is what your body is asking from you…nothing wrong with that…and Wow Thanksgiving plans are upon us….so funny, I keep thinking that we are going into spring..LOL staying in during the heat was no difference in my mind in staying in from rainy weather…LOL just seems like summer is coming…LOL crazy living in the desert, its all half ass back-words for sure…wet the wood to keep it from rotting, never had to do that before…LOL…………..Breath fresh air lots, smile lots, get hugs from Gary lots….and know that I am sending you energy lots!!! Xkat

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    • Thank you kat for the energy, I am feeling much better today. The plans continue to be made with the possibility they may fall through. It is getting a little cooler here in my part of the world – I feel fall in the air. Happy weekend, thanks for your friendship. 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the update, and great post, Gary. You look great, and you ‘sound’ pretty darn good! Keep up your spirits, as they are the best medicine in the world. Have a restful and relaxing weekend. -Jennie-

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  5. When I had Chemo, I was so scared that I would lose my hair (I didn’t), that I would be horribly sick (I wasn’t) or that I would have some other ghastly side effect like dreadful mouth ulcers. I was ‘lucky’ – all I got was fatigue but there has never ever been anything like that bone-aching tiredness in my life before or since. I really feel for you because you seem to be suffering the same and I know just how debilitating it is. What I don’t know is what it must be like to know that you might still have to have a really brutal surgery at the end of this. For me, it was a blood cancer and obviously not operable. To go through this with that sword of damacles hanging over your head is unimaginable and I can only add my pretty pink squidgy hope to the pile that you will be given the green light for go and get on with your life at the end of this. I saw the hugest flock of wild turkeys wandering in a field in Vermont yesterday – this was surely a sign that you are going to have the most amazing Thanksgiving EVER of your life and that we will all be raising glasses to you from our own little corners of paradise (just don’t half-bake the turkey … it would be really disgusting!)

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    • Thank you Osyth, for you do understand what I am dealing with – we have similar experiences. Time will tell what will unfold with Thanksgiving and the potential surgery. I appreciate you very much, truly I do. 🙂

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      • I love The Beatles and I adopted Let it Be as my anthem when I was sick. Not because I was giving in but because I knew that my strength had to be for the things I could change and the rest was in the hands of my medics. With every breath I take I wish you the same outcome as I had. And yes, I recall well how I felt and mostly I felt bleak. But keep the undercurrent of positive like a live electric cable – I do believe it helped me and I do believe it will help you.

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