A state of mind

I now call myself old.


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They say age is nothing but a number and a state of mind.

I now call myself old.

I googled ‘you know you’re old when quotes’, and received many different results.

buzzfeed.com has a list 56 Signs That You’re Definitely Getting Old(er) that includes the following –

You consider going to the post office as a “busy weekend.”

Crowded places easily frustrate you.

You wake up early on days you can sleep in.

You get teary-eyed during wedding scenes in movies.

You cannot believe people were born in the 2000s.

The celebrities at the Kids’ Choice Awards are complete strangers to you.

You just like to sit down sometimes.

Yes, I now call myself old.  But it is just a state of mind, right?


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My son #3’s birthday is today; he is 30 years old today.  I remember when he and my other ‘boys’ were born, then toddlers and preschoolers; and I remember when they were teenagers.  It does not seem long ago, they were going to school, playing soccer and marching in the high school marching band.  Time continues on, never stopping for any reason and then one day the younger one; son #3 turns 30 years old.  Yes, I now call myself old.

When I turned 30 only 26 years ago, I remember feeling middle aged.  I can remember feeling good about my life, my age and looking forward to what life had to offer.  Fast forward and now all my sons are in their 30s, I wonder how they feel about that?  I have not asked them how they feel about being in their 30s; I would be curious to know.

I realize age is nothing but a number and a state of mind.  But, I now call myself old.

I do consider going anywhere on any day a busy day and crowded places do frustrate me at times.  Every day I can sleep in, but I do not; I always wake early.  I do get teary-eyed during wedding scenes in movies as well as many other scenes especially the movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Are there people that were really born in the 2000s and since when did kids have their own award show?

Many times I just like to sit and think and reflect.  I often reflect on life, my life, my sons and the current day’s events.

I now call myself old because today all 3 of my sons are in their 30s.


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But, I realize age is nothing but a number and a state of mind.

Happy 30th Birthday Son #3.

52 thoughts on “A state of mind

  1. Happy Birthday to son #3. My oldest turns 30 next month. I remember when my husband turned 30 (28 years ago) we threw him an over-the-hill party. Now, I think “what were we thinking??” especially as I look at my kids and know their lives are just beginning. I do agree, age is just a number, especially as we keep aging. 😉 🙂

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  2. I don’t consider myself old, but it’s hard not to when those around you treat you as such. When my first grandchild was born, people’s attitude towards me changed. I started receiving cards with pictures of grey-haired grannies in shawl and slippers for birthdays etc. I was only in my 40s. I think it is how we are viewed by others that affects how we view ourselves. I am no longer the person the younger members come to for advice or support. They view me and my hb as the ones who need keeping an eye one. The grandchildren view us as dinosaurs when only a couple of years ago we were sharing music and watching films together. I am au fait with technology, I blog, I have knowledge and wisdom and experience. It is their loss of they choose not to benefit from that. I am not old, I am mature!

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  3. Sending Birthday wishes your Son’s way Terry.. And yes we are only as old as we feel.. shusssh but don’t tell a soul 🙂 my son turned 41 this year.. 🙂 Still can not believe that either. 🙂
    Take care of you sending my usual daily dose of healing xxx

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  4. Wish your son a very Happy Birthday, Terry! And age really is just a state of mind, I sometimes feel much older than I actually am but most of the times I feel younger. It also depends on the day and the people I’m with 😉. Have a happy day my friend! 😃xxx

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  5. Age really is just a number. I loved turning 64, because when people asked my age I could sing the Beatles song, “When I’m Sixty Four”. That was fun! Thank you for a great post that made me smile and nod at everything that was true. From one oldster to another, happy day to you!

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  6. Funny…I was sitting and reflecting the other day…I am going to be 60, my baby will be 30 and my first born will be 40….I am also feeling old…I don’t care that they say that feeling old is only a number….nope I am getting old, no matter how I feel….I never in a million years thought that I would ever be 60…that was so old, and so far away from where I was….even last year…LOL man its hard to look into the memories of what was, when and where did it go….my nephew just had is 18th wedding anniversary….what, isn’t he still 10!!! I remember sending my nephews all color books and crayons, they were 16 and older..LOL I was living in my own world that never aged way back then…one of my sisters called and said, “Kathy, you do realize that you sent a color book and crayons to a seventeen year old”…LOL That should of been a sign I was living in LA-LA land…but nope I continued to live in it for many more years…LOL sometimes I am still there…LOL Happy Birthday to your baby…I know how you feel…we may feel old one day…and the next like a small child…and I love your list of when your getting old thoughts…the post office one made me life out loud…LOL love it…..trust me…you will one day, not feel old again….lots of love…kat

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  7. Happy Birthday to Son #3!

    You should ask the boys how they feel about being in their 30s. It’s an interesting age for me for many reasons, but one that strikes me regularly is that I remember my parents when they were the same age as I am now. I remember thinking they seemed so grown up, but now that I’m there, I don’t feel grown up all that regularly, even though I obviously am!

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  8. A very happy belated birthday to your son, Terry. I had to smile at this post, as I genuinely feel we are as old as feel. Our mind is a huge factor here. I hope your son had a great day, and I hope you too had a good day yesterday, as it is a celebration to you too!
    Have a wonderful day today, hope you are feeling good. 🙂 x

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  9. YOu can’t be old because that makes me old too! Older in fact by about 10 days. So not old, do you here?!! My daughter (the eldest of 4) is 30 in January and I too remember thinking it was a threshold. But really? HOnestly? Age is nothing but in the mind of the bearer. My mother wished herself old for decades and now (at 84) she hates it. My dad never gave in and died at 75. Age go hang. I’m just the same as I remember I ever was. And if anyone disagrees they can kindly keep it to themselves. And you are just the same as me (minus 10 days or so – you baby!)

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  10. Age is nothing but a number and the way we feel. I don’t feel old. But then my children are not 30 yet (happy birthday, by the way…). Just let that inner child out every now and then, no matter if you could sleep in or not. 😉

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  11. A few years ago when my best-friend was 32 years old, she said she was going to date a man in his 40’s. I was freaking about that. I was thinking he’s too old for her until I realized she’s 32. lol Then I started feeling old. She is one year older than me.
    Now I’m 36 and I’m engaged to a man who is 40.

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