the 3rd cycle

In my post ‘6 weeks remaining‘, I wrote the following –

I am half way through my chemotherapy treatment for my cancer and find it amazing that my body is responding well with regards to side-affects.  I have had no nausea and have maintained a good appetite.  I continue to have hair and actually had to get my hair cut last week.  Basically the only major effect of the chemotherapy is tiredness.  My energy level is down and I require much rest and sleep.  I do not assume this is the norm and keep in mind that my positive response to side-affects could possibly be different with the next cycles.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Today starts the 3rd cycle of chemotherapy; it is the half way point.  I will have chemotherapy today and will meet with my Oncologist Dr. D. prior to my treatment.  Next week I have an appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. and my hopes with these visits I will have more of an idea of what to expect after my chemotherapy treatment has ended.

I will be honest with you, the chemotherapy is wearing me down, I am extremely tired for many days after my treatment and my motivation, well is almost non-existent during this time.  For now, many days it is a major undertaking just to get out and go somewhere – I just am not interested and just too tired.

From my post ‘wear-down‘, I wrote the following –

Chemotherapy is kind to me in that I am not experiencing many other side-affects.  But the tiredness, it is hitting me hard; very hard.

I have feelings I am letting Gary down and am letting myself down.  The once vibrant man I knew is gone and now a weary man with no ambition consumes my body.  I assume after chemotherapy the man I know so well will return, I am hoping so anyway.

In today’s post I conclude with the following –

I know this will pass and soon again I will be full of energy and life.  I will keep this in mind as these weeks of chemotherapy continue and I once again feel the tiredness that will follow.   I will remind myself, that soon this phase will pass and a new one will unfold that will continue to move me forward to a better time, a better place and a better man.

So today starts the 3rd cycle of chemotherapy and as many of you read this post, I am sitting with an IV receiving the drugs that will kill my cancer.  The cancer has temporarily brought me down, and the chemotherapy will bring exhaustion to my body for the next several days.

The halfway point is here and as I continue to move forward with the fight at hand, I will continue to endure and overcome.

The halfway point is here and I will continue to move forward with a better brighter outlook.

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53 thoughts on “the 3rd cycle

  1. Amazing. You ARE amazing. And IT is amazing that you are halfway through. Counting down to the finish line and the moment you will start to feel the energy coursing back into your body. Those little Chemo warriors are doing their job and Gary is right there with you waiting for the man he loves to be firing on all cylinders again. All shall be well. Many hugs from Mass and big dollop of the warm sunshine we have here today

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  2. Good to hear, that you are so far in your treatment now, Terry. It is understandable, that you are tired, the chemotherapy is a kind of poison to kill the cancer with, so how can you not be tired?
    You are one of them, whom I send healing energy every morning and I think we are many, who wish to see you healthy again.
    Enjoy a good weekend,

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  3. I am full of awe that every evening I click on the Reader and here you are, no matter how tired or down you’re feeling. You are always motivated and you help keep the rest of us moving forward too. The chemo may be affecting your physical body, attacking the cancer and making you tired, but it’s not affecting the essence of who you are. You keep on doing what you do best and that is to be applauded 👏🏻☺️

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  4. Whoo Hooo half way….one the road to the end of the chemo journey….whooo hoooo its always nice to be on the later side of the journey….rest my friend…let your body fight the cancer…the chemo is doing its thing…I am sorry it makes you exhausted…a terrible feeling….but on the positive side….over half way by know, and its killing the bad mojo in your body…..hang in there my friend….your doing great….rest, do not feel bad for letting your body fight this fight for you…Gary is there holding down he fort…soon, very soon it will be your turn….xxkat

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  5. As I read your post I thought about the saying that can go either way: “The cup is half empty,” or “The cup is half full.” You are halfway! You made it this far! You made it halfway! Blessings to you Terry, and to Gary!!!

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  6. Half way, you’re almost there, over the hump day ( my colleagues and I used to say to describe the mid point of a working week). I would say through reading your blog you still come across as being motivated and having ambition, just carrying on this blog takes motivation. Sorry you feel like you’re lacking this at the moment and are struggling to go out and about. Hopefully this will just be because of the chemo, your body is needing you to rest at the moment, try not to be too hard on yourself. Although that is easier said than done. Tale care, lots love and hugs xx

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  7. I unfortunately lost my mother to late-discovered cancer, and as her former caretaker I am well acquainted with your fight. Trust that you are not alone, that everyone who has gone through this is right there with you. Furthermore, this is a war you are in….soldiers have down days and get tired. Rest. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. Cut yourself some slack. Cancer is being hard enough on you for the both of you.

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