May 1972 – Go All The Way by The Raspberries

May 1972 – a song popular in this month – Go All The Way by The Raspberries

This was an early example of “Power Pop,” which were rock songs with radio-friendly hooks.

Interesting facts about Go All The Way & The Raspberries

This song is about a girl trying to convince a guy to “Go all the way,” meaning to have sex with him. Carmen told Blender magazine in 2006 that he was inspired by The Rolling Stones performance of “Let’s Spend The Night Together” when Mick Jagger had to sing it as “Let’s spend some time together.” Says Carmen, “I knew then that I wanted to write a song with an explicitly sexual lyric that the kids would instantly get but the powers that be couldn’t pin me down for.”

This was their first album, and their only hit. They made 2 more albums before breaking up.

The album contained a raspberry-scented scratch-and-sniff sticker.

When the group was trying to think of a name, one of the four members rejected a suggestion with the phrase, “Aw, Raspberries” (an old “Our Gang” line). They had their name.

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20 thoughts on “May 1972 – Go All The Way by The Raspberries

  1. Goodness – this is a new one on me …. I’d never heard of i t or the band. I guess it didn’t make it across the Atlantic to London but I love it. Thank you Terry – you’ve power-popped my Sunday 🙂

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