Oops! I Did It Again

In the year 2000, Britney Spears had a hit song ‘Oops! …I Did It Again‘, and included the following chorus –

Oops!…I did it again

I played with your heart, got lost in the game

Oh baby, baby

Oops!…You think I’m in love

That I’m sent from above

I’m not that innocent

This post really has nothing to do with Britney or her hit song, I do like the song and especially the title.

Oops! I Did It Again – is not exactly correct.

In my post ‘OUCH – Band-Aid please‘, I concluded with the following –

The new truck was in the shop all of last week.  There was an accident.  A silly mistake was made.  Oh darling, I made a boo boo!

I will not indicate who did it or who was driving, but it was not me.  Sometimes learning to do something new can be costly!  We thought we had enough clearance between the 5th wheel and the cab of the truck.  The sharp turn was made and the front of the 5th wheel made contact with the backside cab of the truck.  Live and learn!

OUCH – Band-Aid Please!

You may recall, in my post ‘Moving Day‘, I wrote the following –

A minor inconvenience for now because Gary and I have become a little complacent.  We have settled into our new living arrangement and lifestyle and we like it very much.  But the reality is we have to move away for a couple of weeks and this is ultimately a good thing.  We need to practice our packing and strapping down items; we need to practice hitching the 5th wheel to the truck and we need to practice driving and towing the 5th wheel.

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

Oops! I Did It Again – is not exactly correct.

20161003_120123_001There was another accident, another repair and another live and learn moment.

We were attempting to back the 5th wheel into our temporary location and encountered an issue.  The truck is okay, but the hitch in the bed of the truck is damaged and had to be replaced & the gooseneck extension on the 5th wheel required some minor repairs.

The backing of a 5th wheel takes practice and would make for a good day if done without incident.  Well, more practice is needed and more learning needs to take place.

Another live and learn moment took place, but all is well as we did another ‘Oops! I Did It Again’.

Well the title of this post is not exactly correct, but close enough.

Enjoy Britney Spear’s version –

29 thoughts on “Oops! I Did It Again

  1. First of all that song is one of my guilty pleasures … I absolutely love boogying to it with or without an audience! Second of all … your mishap has been taken with such good humour – if it had been me the air would have been deepest, darkest BLUE and the wildlife, Bean and Husband would all have been running for cover! You live and learn much in this life but a sense of humour must be preserved at all cost! Safe and happy mishap free Monday to you!

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    • This is one of favorite Britney’s song! And dear Osyth, I have to keep a sense of humor over these things – although Gary takes them more seriously! We are moving back to the other location next Monday, I am feeling it will be a smoother move without incident! Happy Monday to you! 🙂

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      • I’m channelling Weird Guy with a Dog and Pan who both drive mahusive trucks for your move …. this should see you into the other place without a hitch (excuse pun – its an affliction of mine to spontaneously pun!). And laughter IS the best medicine so keep swigging from that bottle, my friend. Gary might need something a little stronger 😂

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  2. The reason we have a small RV is because I do all the, well most of the driving and I knew if I was pulling a trailer behind us…it would be more than likely in the ditch most of the time….LOl I know my limits when it comes to towing something..lol …I think your both very brave….and laughing at our learning experiences is the best medicine…..oops is the one of the best words in the English lamguage…..lol xxkat

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