Walk in other’s shoes

Compassion & Empathy, feeling what others are feeling and putting ourselves in other’s place without judgment.


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Without saying to ourselves, they have it easy and I have it worse.


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Or thinking about me feeling the way I feel about my health, knowing there are people out there that have it much worse; they could be saying you are experiencing nothing compared to me.


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I think no matter what level of hardships we have in our lives, we need compassion and we need empathy, we need to put ourselves in other’s shoes for a moment.


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We need to realize we are different and we deal with things differently and we need to try to understand the other person or at least empathize.


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We can learn, we can grow and help one another without judgement but instead with a feeling and a realization we can help one another.


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Instead of comparing and saying you have it better than me or I have it worse or that is nothing compared to me.


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From my post ‘those around me‘, I conclude with the following –

I sit, I wait, I watch, I ponder, I accept, I acknowledge and then I realize cancer does not discriminate.

There are black, white, young and old; a man wearing a dress shirt and tie, the stately woman and the tougher looking guy. Then there is the woman with the pink hair, the majestic woman needing a little extra help, the chatty lady next to me and the young man across from me.

Today I sit for hours taking in those around me.  Today I sit for hours viewing those near to me.  Today I sit for hours receiving chemotherapy amongst others; those around me.

52 thoughts on “Walk in other’s shoes

  1. What an insightful, beautifully written and positive post. After all, what can one do except be sad or be happy? You have chosen wisely, my friend. Happiness is a medicine for the body as well as the heart.

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  2. The quotes you have chosen are beautiful but the most beautiful words are those written by you. Cancer has no boundaries, doesn’t discriminate and attacks who it chooses too in one of its countless disguises. As you sit taking the chemo drugs into your weary body amongst all those others replicated in countless centres across the world, I am humbled and touched by your words and I send the gorgeous colours of fall to wrap your day in beauty and as a reminder that all things must change. And do.

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  3. Aw so true my friend-in health, in life, things can always be worse. I’ll be returning home tomorrow while the repairs and removal is happening from Hurricane Matthew-my heart is heavy. No doubt the effects will linger for me awhile but there really is no place like home!!! GA. Mountain Hugs (soon to be Sunshine Hugs). Cheryl and the Gang!

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