75 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. You are looking so good my friend 🙂 Yes, taking each day as it comes, is all anyone can do. Awww seeing Gary and Roxy on the swing reminded me how much I love being on swings and haven’t done so in many years 🙂
    You are doing great !!! Have a wonderful day further. x

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  2. Its SO good to see you on a happy day and I know they aren’t all and that is tough. Too tough. and I wanted to reach into the screen and hug you when you got emotional (it wouldn’t be you, would it, if you weren’t emotional my lovely friend) … and then the bonus Gary and Roxy a-swingin! The Bean has now demanded that we go and do the same … I will not be videoing this!! Happy Wednesday to you all from us up here in the sunny but rather cooler Northy bits 🙂

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    • Osyth, I look forward to your hug someday in the near future – it will certainly be worth the wait. This week is good to me and I am fortunate for that and the walks in the beautiful weather are doing me good. Go swinging, there is nothing like swinging like a kid again and an extra bonus when a little doggie friend is involved! Happy Wednesday to you as well – stay warm my dear friend! 🙂

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  3. Good to see you and what a beautiful place you live in 😊 So much sun, sea and sand – even palm trees, it looks like you’re on a tropical island! We are in full Autumn mode now, woolly jumpers, jeans and long socks, how I miss wearing shorts 😊 Glad you have some warmth and a lovely place to walk. 🍁🍂

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  4. Sweet Terry! So wonderful to see you. I can tell you are trying so hard to be positive. Keep pushing, but don’t be too hard on yourself when you cannot. I had to laugh at Gary – “say Hi, Gary” “Hi Gary!” – so Hi Gary! Hugs guys!

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  5. you must hear this through the voice of Billy Crystal….My oh My you look Marvelous!!! My friend….and those trees in the background with the Spanish moss…I was quite taken with them in the south when we were there…..so beautiful….what a beautiful piece of paradise you both live in….makes me want to load up the RV and head to Florida….LOL I am glad your last round of chemo didn’t leave you drained….glad you have energy to get out and go swinging…and yes nothing like a good swing, wind against your face…I wish I was there to hold your hand during your walk…I am pretty sure Gary wouldn’t be jealous of us…LOL well maybe a little…LOL seriously though…..I love your emotional side….and its sooooo healthy to share it…..hope you have a wonderful weekend….full moon on the 16th….maybe a little dancing??? Hummmmm ?? xxkat

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    • Come on kat, Florida is waiting for you! The weather is wonderful, sun is shining and the surroundings are beautiful! I will be on the lookout for the full moon – maybe some dancing will take place. Happy Thursday my dear friend. 🙂

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  6. Terry it’s always a pleasure to see you on video and today is no different. Beautiful, serene looking locale for walking. Even though my heart was breaking, thank you for sharing your vulnerability it’s what makes you so authentic. You are a gift!! Hugs 💗💗💗Please say hello to Gary and Roxy for me.

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  7. Aww – it´s so good to see you again Terry! I really missed that a lot! And you look really, really good! 😀 What a wonderful area this is, it looks all so beautiful! Hope you enjoy many lovely walks there! Do you go for a swim too from time to time? ´Cause the water looks fantastic 😉 Loved seeing Gary and Roxy swinging, I also do that still from time to time 😉 Have a beautiful day! xxxxx

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