wait and see approach

In my post ‘the 3rd cycle‘, I wrote the following –

Today starts the 3rd cycle of chemotherapy; it is the half way point.  I will have chemotherapy today and prior to my treatment will meet with my Oncologist.  Next week I have an appointment with my Urologist and my hopes with these visits I will have more of an idea of what to expect after my chemotherapy treatment has ended.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Last Friday I met with my Oncologist Dr. D. and I asked questions basically about what comes next once chemotherapy is over.  I very much like Dr. D. because she takes the time to really listen to me and is sincere but more importantly she is honest and does not hide the truth from me and will not sugarcoat the facts.  It is still too early to know what will happen once chemotherapy is completed, as she indicated to me there are 100’s of outcomes and time will eventually tell us what comes next.  She indicated once the chemotherapy is completed, imaging tests will take place to determine the effectiveness of the chemotherapy.  More than likely the imaging tests will involve another PET Scan to help determine the possible outcomes including complete removal of the cancer in my body, the partially removal of cancer or no effect at all.

This past Wednesday I met with my Urologist Dr. P. and I also asked him questions about what I might expect once chemotherapy is over.  As with Dr. D., I very much like Dr. P. because of the same reasons and I feel I am in good care with him on my team of doctors.  Dr. P. indicated he would wait until the imaging tests would be completed by Dr. D. to determine the next steps in my treatment.  The future surgery ‘Radical Cystectomy’ is still a valid option depending on the outcome of my tests.

Per Google –

Radical cystectomy is the removal of the entire bladder, nearby lymph nodes (lymphadenectomy), part of the urethra, and nearby organs that may contain cancer cells. In men, the prostate, the seminal vesicles, and part of the vas deferens are also removed.

This is a major surgery that will be talked about again with Dr. P. in the coming month.  We did discuss if this takes place, most likely it will occur immediately after the first of the year in January.

In my post ‘The lab experiment‘, I wrote the following –

My oncologist Dr. D. ordered the PET Scan that my urologist Dr. P. had requested.  The PET scan took place this past Monday and will serve as a ‘starting point’ and at the end of my chemotherapy another will take place to see any differences.  These scans should help to determine if the nodules on my lungs are cancer or not.  The nodules are small, therefore cannot be biopsied and these scans should help with this determination.

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

Just a reminder to all that I have Stage 4 bladder cancer and a previous PET Scan indicated there are nodules on my lungs that could be cancer and a future major surgery is a possibility.

At this time there is a wait and see approach.


59 thoughts on “wait and see approach

  1. Miracles do happen on a daily basis with modern medicine. It sounds like your doctor’s have a very precise plan for what to do in with each set of circumstances – that must comfort you, I hope. Will you have a decent gap between the end of chemo and the surgery?

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    • Yes, I agree Sarah – the wait and see is difficult for me right now, I basically am unable to make plans for anything right now. It is frustrating at times. Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers – Happy Friday! 🙂


  2. Wait and see is the hardest thing. Stress is born of not knowing and therefore stress is inevitable as you wait. But you have faith and confidence in your doctors and that is the most important thing. They will do what is best as soon as they have the information they need. YOu are on the downward slope of the Chemo now … little by little past the halfway mark so the answers will come. And Kerry is right – miracles do happen and your team are working towards that miracle for you. Delightful, deserving YOU 😊

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    • Yes Osyth, the wait and see is the hardest thing – I am frustrated at times because I feel stuck and unable to make future plans. I know all will work out the way it is suppose to and the waiting is a way for me to learn something – like patience? Happy Friday to you dear friend. 🙂

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      • They tell me patience is a virtue …. I think they say that because it is so hard to attain when the road seems endless with no end in sight. In the meantime, take those petits pas (little steps) with me and we can try and learn patience together in this little virtual world we inhabit. The Bean sends sunshine wags to Miss Roxy and Gary and you and I just send the sunshine bit!

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          • I speak French to The Bean (she was helpful when I was learning because she didn’t make me feel foolish when I got it wrong – like ALL the time). She is quite an excitable personality so one of the commands she has is ‘soyons patience’ – let’s be patient. So our command can be: ‘soyons patience tous ensemble’ ‘let’s be patient together’. Now there’s a thing – I’m getting your French sorted so that when you and Gary come and stay with us in France down the line you’ll be damn near fluent and before that we can pretentiously order those cupcakes and ice cream a la française 😁 🍦

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  3. Checking your Lungs for any spreading (I am told) is common if nodes are enlarged. The Chemo is working all areas Terry-thus the fatigue that you are fighting (walking as you feel able too). When you have Chemo do you move the RV to another location??? Dr. P and D sound thorough and very available to you with any and all concerns. Sunshine Hugs!!!

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    • The chemo will work on any cancer in my body, if it is affective – still to be determined. The RV will be moved next Monday and we will remain in that location for the next 3 months. Sunshine hugs to you as well Cheryl! 🙂

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  4. I hate the “wait and see” phrase…but in all reality they couild speculate until your head spins, so the best advice is. “Wait and see” said by the best!!! So while we are waiting, hummmm we could dance in the moon light…smile a lot, hugs for sure, one of my favorites hold hands, and just be happy….don’t let your mind make you crazy….its easy to do…positive thoughts…lots of sunshine and as always….I am sending you love, hugs, and a great big smile…xxxkat

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  5. The wait and see approach must be a bit frustrating to say the least. You do have a great team of doctors which you feel comfortable with, so that is great and makes a huge difference. Thinking of you always. Hugs my friend x

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  6. I freaking hate wait and see.i know it is my pitfall but I want to know NOW and I don’t like to be patient when it comes to my health. But, alas, sometimes we just have to wait. Sometimes waiting is all we can do and hope. Praying your waiting is filled with hope

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      • Oh I forgot. I totally wanted to ask you…you are on the Pensacola coast right? Are there waves there? Is there the “beach sound” of the wind and the waves crashing? We are looking to relocate and I want the sound of the waves we heard in Jacksonville beach and st Augustine beach. Didn’t know if Pensacola had that. Totally off track of blog purpose I know!!!!!

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  7. I couldn´t agree more with all my fellow bloggers here, so I´ll just let you know that you´re in my thoughts daily and that I´m wishing you the strength to get over this period of wait and see! Have a very happy day my friend! xxxxx

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