Still unknowns

In my post ‘a no go!‘, I concluded with the following –

I will not have a chemotherapy treatment for 2 weeks and unsure at this time how this will affect my schedule.  You see next week would have been my week off and then followed by 2 final weeks of chemotherapy for my 4th and final cycle.  Now that I am not finishing the final week of my 3rd cycle I will not know when the 4th cycle will end.

You may remember I am making uncertain plans to travel back to Texas to spend with my family for Thanksgiving.  With this latest development in my treatment, these uncertain plans become closer to a certainty that the visit will not take place.

Thanksgiving with my family – it may be a no go!

In today’s post I write the following –

This is my scheduled week off from chemotherapy and next week will be considered the 2nd week of my 3rd cycle since last week it was cancelled.  Friday of next week I will meet with my Oncologist Dr. D. prior to my chemotherapy treatment and should know how the delay of last week’s treatment will affect the upcoming schedule.  I am unsure if eventually I will have 3 weeks in a row of chemotherapy or if the regular schedule will take place and therefore pushing my original end date by a week.

If the original end date is pushed back by a week, this will certainly affect my trip to Texas for Thanksgiving.  My original end date is November 3rd and pushing a week later will be November 11th.  With Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks later, it is difficult to determine if my body will be able to handle the travel.  The concern I have is whether my white blood count will be back to a normal count as I certainly do not want to expose myself to possible infections when traveling, especially on a plane.

Also sometime during the month of November I will receive imaging tests that will determine the future of my healthcare with regards to my cancer.

The only important happening this past week is Gary and I moved the RV back to our original location on the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  We will now live here at the RV park on the Naval Air Station for the next 3 months.  We wanted to be at this location for specific upcoming events such as the holidays and other possible activities.  Once the 3 months is over, a determination will take place where the next location will be as this is dependent on my health concerns.

Still unknowns at this time and as they reveal themselves the future will become clearer.


48 thoughts on “Still unknowns

  1. You must be disappointed, Terry, but perhaps it isn’t worth risking an infection so close to prospective surgery. I guess you might have your first Thanksgiving with your new mother-in-law, instead? I will be thinking about you. 💋

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  2. The unknowns aren’t nice, but what can you do. Life has a way of throwing curve-balls every now and then. Lets hope no matter what the outcome, you are healthy, and have a happy Thanksgiving. Hugs and have a great weekend ! Hope the weather is being kind to you 🙂

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  3. Whichever way it crumbles your doctors will ensure that it is the best cookie for you. And your level headed pre-reaction to whatever they say is a really strong place to be in. I’ll be thinking of you as you move back to base-camp … I know you are fond of the place and it will be good for you in the next couple of weeks whether resting or having treatment. The weather is grubby here today so I hope that’s because all my sunshine is beaming down on you ☀️

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    • I will Kathryn and yes I know I can eat the turkey anywhere, I just wanted to see the whole family together, which would be Thanksgiving. Otherwise I will not see everyone – oh well, it is what it is. Happy Friday to you as well. 🙂

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  4. Howdy…..glad your back in your favorite area….nothing like being home…I know your doctors are on top of your case…and if waiting is what it is about, then well I know you will accept it and just be ready for when it starts up again…let your body get stronger and get ready for more chemo….Sometimes holidays just have to wait for us….I am sure that your family will understand…sometimes its all about the wait….have a fantastic week…xxkat

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    • Thanks kat, you are correct sometimes its all about the wait – which can be frustrating at times. I am making the best of it and remind myself to be calm and patient. I look forward to this week and hope yours is fantastic as well. 🙂

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