The French Kiss

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The French Kiss –

Yes, yes, yes, I know it is odd that I would take time off to fly to France and be professionally trained.  But seriously, look at this face, who wouldn’t want to kiss me?

Yes, I know about the Mexican Kiss, but it is not as exciting as the French Kiss.

So off I went to France to be professionally trained.

The training was intense and involved many countless hours.

It paid off as I am now considered the world’s first Chihuahua trained in France.

But I do now have a tired lazy tongue.

34 thoughts on “The French Kiss

  1. Do you need a practice partner? Huny is available….although apt to snap when she gets bored with the ‘courtship’. Near here there is a male chihuahua and an unneutered Westland High White Terrier…both lavish her with attention when they get together. Sometimes she flirts, and sometimes she runs straight to me to hide behind my legs and other times she’s the aggressor…sniffing them in intimate places and I have to wonder at the strange ways of dogs. What a greeting!! A French kiss would be so much more refined..

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    • Yes I understand Huny’s personality – Max (the picture on this post) was the same way, except he was male and wanted to do the deed with Roxy, who could care less. Anyway them Chihuahuas are fun, they are my favorite, but don’t tell Roxy that. 🙂


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