Yes, yes, I know!

Yes, yes, I know!

But I needed a break from the new normal.

Yes, yes, I know!

But months have gone by since the last visit.

Yes, yes, I know!

Gary and I visited a nearby casino.

Yes, yes, I know!

The white blood count is back up; I am feeling better and off we went.

Yes, yes, I know – I am in the process of chemo and easily can get an infection, especially from a casino.

The hands where washed more times during the casino trip then in the past month.

Yes, yes, I know – we enjoyed our trip to the casino.

59 thoughts on “Yes, yes, I know!

  1. Hi, I think that’s great and would say go for it. I’ve faced my immediate death several times and got to cheat through it, so I may be on borrowed time now, but am definitely living a lot more for the moment than I ever have. I think ur trip was good for you and Gary!

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  2. Oh heaven! You look relaxed and well and in your element – that in itself will be healing for you. I have never seen cotton fields so I loved that bit and I particularly love that you have gotten out and been LIVING! We only have one of these and wrapping up in cotton wool (plucked from those tufts in the fields) will never do. Live it love it and then some!! Your film has made me happy 😊

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    • Osyth, I am happy when you are happy! We did have fun and it was a nice trip away from the day in and day out stuff taking place. As always we loss money, but the fun was much more important. I appreciate you – happy day my friend! πŸ™‚

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  3. Those pocket hand sanitizers might be an idea for you. They even make ’em so you can carry them on a keychain. Then squirt a little on your palms, rub together and voila! Sanitized hands that won’t dry out and get scaley from over washing…:)

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    • Yes those would be good. I do have a small bottle of sanitizer in my truck and where ever I go, when I get into the truck I use it. I try to be very conscious about this. Thanks Embeecee, I always appreciate your comments. πŸ™‚


    • Well we had lots of fun, but never win – we always lose money! We know that, and have a good time anyway. We look forward to going back again soon. Have a happy day, I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment! πŸ™‚

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  4. Haha! That looks like fun! IΒ΄ve never been to a Casino myself, I fear I would get addicted very soon as even Solitaire does that to me πŸ˜‰ You look great and like you enjoy yourself! And donΒ΄t mind the germs, having fun mostly prevents those awful things to get too close to you, all those endorphines should have taken care of them πŸ˜‰
    Hava a happy day! xxxxx

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