I need a vacation

In my post last Friday ‘Still unknowns‘, I concluded with the following –

The only important happening this past week is Gary and I moved the RV back to our original location on the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  We will now live here at the RV park on the Naval Air Station for the next 3 months.  We wanted to be at this location for specific upcoming events such as the holidays and other possible activities.  Once the 3 months is over, a determination will take place where the next location will be as this is dependent on my health concerns.

Still unknowns at this time and as they reveal themselves the future will become clearer.

Today in this post, I write the following –

The next several months will be busy with many activities taking place.  Remember I mentioned a tentative trip planned back to Texas to visit my family for Thanksgiving.  This trip is still not confirmed and is depended on when my chemo will end and how my body responds to the treatment, specifically the results of my white blood count.  The plane tickets are reserved and should the trip not take place, there will be no penalty for cancelling at the last minute.  Should this trip be cancelled; we may end up taking the trip on a different date other than a holiday.

Gary and I also have another trip planned in early December.  I will be honest; I need a vacation away from our current location and away from my doctors, the hospitals, labs and chemotherapy treatments.  As of today I have no idea what will take place with regards to my health and the care needed in the last months of this year and the early months of next year.  I believe by mid-November I will have a good idea what the future holds, but today it is unclear.  I am assuming at this point; today, that my chemotherapy will be completed within a couple of weeks.  My understanding if my major surgery is to take place, it will not be until January 2017.

I need a vacation, so Gary and I have planned taking a cruise in December a couple of weeks prior to Christmas.  We are planning taking a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise the second week in December.  Today, there are still uncertainties with my health and the care needed; but I truly believe I will be able to travel by the second week in December.  This travel in December will be discussed with my Oncologist Dr. D. whom I have an appointment with prior to today’s chemotherapy treatment.

My view on my health and my life is that taking a small break from what is taking place, will be a benefit for Gary and myself.  Precautions will be taken and I will remain focus on remaining infection free.

I need to get away – I need a break – I need to have some fun – I need a vacation.


66 thoughts on “I need a vacation

  1. If anyone needs and deserves a holiday it is you and Gary. It will be a healing therapy in itself and knowing it is booked gives you something certain to look forward which will carry you forward in better spirits too. So I say win-win! 🚢 ☀️ 🌴 🌊

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    • I think a win-win is what I am needing right now Osyth and life is short and I need some enjoyment right now. Gary and I are looking forward to the cruise which will occur between my chemo and the possible surgery next year. Happy Friday my good friend! 🙂

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      • Perfect timing and the perfect antidote to the treatment you will have completed and the surgery you may have to face. Relaxing, having some fun, letting your hair down and forgetting for a while seems to me to be exactly what Dr Osyth orders. Friday is mizzy here today – The Bean and I are tucked up inside with a cold wind a-blowing outside and looking forward to my husband getting back from Taipei tomorrow night. Then I will really smile 😁 but in the meantime your news made me happy 😊

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  2. I agree with Cheyrl…be very careful on those cruise ships. If it’s not one thing, it’s ten or five! BUT….you do deserve a vacation! A romantic get-away for you and Gary could do wonders for your state of mind. Sending hugs. 🙂

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  3. Just take it one day at a time..

    MAking plans is good 😊..
    great motivation for you… to not give up and look 👀 forward to tomorrow..

    You are going to be just fine.. half of the recovery is a good confident and positive state of mind.. ..

    Keep smiling..

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  4. Your mini vacation to the casino was so good for you, I can’t imagine the mega charge you would get from a 7 day cruise. Hoping you are cleared to go but if it is decided a cruise would be too germy knowing you will think of something else fun to do.

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  5. I hate to be a downer but I am inclined to agree about germs and cruise ships. You seem determined, however, so I will wish you the very best. I can see the advantage of not having to get tired moving around and basking in the sunshine on deck. Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful time and I agree that you really do need a vacation.

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  6. It sounds like a lovely idea, Terry, and I can wholly understand your desire for a vacation (not having had one myself in over two years now…). And don´t worry about the germs and such, sure it will be crowded but there are germs just everywhere and as you said, the chemo will be over by then and your immune system will have had time to get better. Just enjoy the trip and the looking forward-part of it! 😀 xxxxx

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