blooper: an error

From my post ‘photobombed‘, I wrote the following –

All the pictures I take are with my smartphone; with some pictures turning out better than I expect compared to others.  I never change the settings on my camera, and depending the time of the day and lights and other conditions out of my control; I just hope for a good picture.  I always take at least 2 pictures of the same subject and sometimes more; my thinking one might turn out better than the other(s).

In today’s post, I write the following –

From –


1. an error

2. an embarrassing error that has to be removed from the show or movie.

I recently decided to get a new smartphone, not necessarily because I needed one, but just because I wanted one.  Having a new smartphone sometimes involves new apps, new ways of doing things and some learning of new skills.  I am not advertising here, but I always buy Samsung because I like their products even though they are having issues with their latest smartphone; which I do not own that particular one by the way.

I take lots of pictures with the new smartphone and you would think with as many pictures I take I would know what I am doing, right?

LOL, wrong!

Some Bloopers –

I will keep taking pictures, even though it appears I do not know what I am doing.

65 thoughts on “blooper: an error

  1. I struggle to take decent pictures too. My phone is an android so not very good anyway for photos. Keep on taking pics because even though they are bloopers you’ll still capture some good memories and also some funny moments and expressions! Lol xx

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  2. Hahaha you are so funny. They(?) say…Practice makes perfect. Maybe soon you will be the up and coming photographer 🙂
    Anyway, I think your pic’s are great :-), they capture the mood nicely 🙂 Have a lovely day further. 🙂

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  3. Terry, I too have been taking more phone pics of late and also tend to snap at least two of a subject to raise the odds one of the images works out. It’s not so much my inability to take a good picture as the fact I sometimes move the camera ever so much…and having a couple shots also allows me to decide which one is better cropped, has better light, etc. “Bloopers” do happen from time to time with me…I just laugh them off and keep clicking!

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    • Bruce, my friend – it has been awhile – I am very glad to see you my friend. It certainly is fun to see the bloopers because they are so unexpected at times. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it very much. I hope all is going well with you today. 🙂

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      • Hey Steph! The motivation to return to the blogosphere happened right before Halloween (“evil” spirits perhaps?). I started out slow by visiting a few of my favorite places and reading up on what everyone has been up to…and eventually I suspect renewing those reading habits will lead to writing. I am doing well and trust you are also. Thanks so much for checking in on me during my time away. Much appreciated.

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        • Well it’s so good to see you. There’s a number of bloggers who we’ve all gotten to know pretty well and when there’s an extended period of silence you can’t help but wonder what they’re up to. Glad to hear doing well and looking forward to seeing your posts.

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  4. LOL – loving the multiple Terrys here! Gary is never duplicated so clearly you have the phone better trained than you are letting on! Thank you for the big face-splitting smile this gave me!!

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