About a month ago I had a dream in which I woke up and immediately voice recorded what I remembered about it.  I like trying to figure out the meaning of dreams; there can be some interesting interpretations.


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My words I spoke and recorded are the following –

I had a dream last night that I was running away from something and that I had done something and was in trouble and that law enforcement was after me.  Then I was on some type of vessel similar to an airplane, but something bigger with lots of people.  And this is where I was caught and I could not go any further.  And then the law enforcement left and I was inside of this vessel and there also was my family and I had to tell my family what I had done and what was going to happen to me.  At that time, I was to go to prison; go to jail and spend my days locked away and to never come back.  And my family did not seem upset, they did not seem surprised, they just seem to accept that this was the circumstances and this was the result and this would be accepted and they would carry on with their lives.


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Some interpretations –

Dreaming about the police could symbolize many different things, so please consider all of the details carefully. If the police are chasing you, it suggests that you may be feeling some guilt about something that you have done or have been thinking of doing. The police could be addressing Karmic…

To dream of police signifies issues of power and control. Investigate the nature of the police in your dream – were they helpful or bullying?  Look at issues of authority in your life. Do you feel controlled by others or perhaps you’ve been too controlling yourself.

If a person sees a vessel approaching him, it is a glad tiding that he will soon find solutions to his problems and be delivered from anxieties.

Imprisonment in a dream means benefits, money and comfort. It also could mean the reversal of one’s condition for the worst.

About being in jail – “health problems” (Some people suffer from terrible illnesses. It is almost as if they are imprisoned in a body which inflicts pain and suffering on them)

The first thing to ask yourself if you begin having dreams about acceptance is whether you accept yourself. Many times your own critical voice appears in your dreams in the guise of another person. Dreams about acceptance are often less about your relationship with other people than about your relationship with yourself.


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The meaning of this dream to me –

The law enforcement –

Do I feel guilty that I have cancer and therefore preventing Gary and I from our travel adventure?  Or maybe it is that I allowing the cancer to be controlling over me and my life.

The vessel –

The solution to my cancer may be near and therefore I will find some peace.

The prison and jail –

My health will take a turn for the worse; more procedures, more needles and blood tests and more doctor’s appointments.

The acceptance –

I have come to accept what is taking place with me and my cancer.  I understand the current events may just be a short path to a much larger road that will be taken.

50 thoughts on “Vessel

  1. Thank you Terry for sharing your dream.. Maybe You are the Vessel? and maybe you are imprisioning yourself within your vessel as you are allowing your fear may be to restrict you progress or movement with travel which is subconsciously causing you to carry guilt.. So instead of seeing your health taking a turn for the worse see it as being set free to sail .. Water also represent emotions… Take into account the ocean was it calm, choppy, turbulent etc..

    I like your translation Terry .. But why not turn the acceptance around and Accept that you are Healing.. See yourself as sailing free of the imprisonment of your Cancer
    Sending love and Positive healing vibes your way my friend
    Sue ❤

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  2. I find dreams fascinating and yours is certainly full of possibilities for interpretation. I am no expert so I won’t wade in except to say that I think there are a number of positives in there … your interpretation gives me these. You are journeying though this illness and you will come out the other side stronger and even better equipped to enjoy the next stage of your life.

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  3. Hi, you will know from my posts, I talk alot about The Law of Acceptance, I always say that when we accept a situation or situations we are set free to move forward, we may not like what we accept, we do not have to agree, but when we allow The Law of Acceptance, magical things can happen in our life. I wish you many magical moments !

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  4. Wow ! that was quite a dream. Dreams have always fascinated me, and how our sub or sub sub conscious minds work while we sleep. Not only that but some dreams seem to last forever whilst we are dreaming, yet I believe they are literally like a flash whilst we are sleeping. Totally interesting. Well, you dream had me on the edge of my seat, and yes, I think there could be many scenario’s. Stay positive as best you can. You are doing great and thank goodness you are more rested these days. Have a wonderful day my friend and happy dreams tonight, no getting chased by the cops 🙂

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  5. A very prophetic dream that says so much, in a very good way, I think. I understand where you are coming from. It does take going through stages leading to acceptance and hopefulness. And, you are right, it is time for you to focus on you and your health. The procedures will come and go. To me procedures are like a badge of honor that you hope to win every time. And, that travel, well, you will do that too when this is all behind you and, be so strong because of it.

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    • Thank you Karen, I do believe the dream takes me through stages to acceptance also. I find it fascinating to interpret the dream, but realize there can be many interpretations to choose from. Thank you for reading and commenting – I appreciate it very much. 🙂


  6. That is an excellent interpretation of your dream. You don’t need me to tell you that you have nothing to feel guilty about, although sometimes I feel the same about my illness. 😐 My dreams are awful and particularly bad at the moment. It is always a recurrent dream about moving from place to place, from house to house and it is a disaster. Sometimes the house is falling apart or there is flooding…

    I hope the sleeping is better – mine is so-so with melatonin and Xanax. Some of the others made me into a zombie.😆 K xx

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  7. Thanks for sharing this… understanding your dreams is a way to better understand yourself. I used to keep dream journals and still write especially vivid ones down when they occur. The general consensus seems that dreams are happening ‘to’ you… but that isn’t true? Right? I like what someone said earlier on… maybe you were the vessel? Great post.

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    • Thank you very much, I do find dreams interesting and having some understanding of them I think can be helpful. And yes, me as the vessel certainly makes sense. Thank you for your comment, they are always appreciated here! 🙂


    • It I am able, I try to record them, because many times I forget about them. Voice recording at the moment and listening to it later puts new meaning to them – at least for me anyway. Thanks dear for catching up with me today! 🙂


  8. Wow! I never take the trouble to interpret my dreams, although I always wanted to. Even bought a book once that should help me doing it. But on a subconscious level I think I don´t really want to know what they might tell me… So it´really interesting to see what you did with your dream! And it seems you´re perfect at it! 🙂 It all makes so much sense the way you interpret it.

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