the importance of today

This month is full of national days.  Per, November National Days include –

November 1: National Vinegar Day

November 3: National Men Make Dinner Day (Must Cook. No BBQ Allowed!)

November 6: National Nachos Day

November 11: Veterans Day

November 18: Mickey Mouse Birthday

And there are national days that are related to our upcoming national holiday Thanksgiving which falls on November 24; these days include –

November 25: Black Friday

November 26: Small Business Saturday

November 28: Cyber Monday

If you are interested in viewing all the days of November National Days, click this National Day Calendar link to take you to their website.

There are some interesting and some important November National Days.  Thanksgiving has importance for me this year: I will write about this importance in upcoming posts.  I do have another day that I consider important in November – that day is today, November 4.

You may remember 3 weeks ago, my 2nd week of my 3rd cycle of chemotherapy was cancelled due to my low white blood count.  Last Friday, I met with my Oncologist Dr. D. prior to chemotherapy and it was decided the missed chemotherapy session would not be made up.  So, last Friday was the 1st week of my 4th and final cycle.

Today’s November National Day is not important to me – instead it is a November Personal Day for me.

Today I am receiving my last treatment of chemotherapy.

I recognize the importance of this day, but also keep in mind this journey is not over.  No, it is far from being over; there is much more to come to complete this journey, this chapter of my life.  In the immediately upcoming weeks prior to Thanksgiving, there will be additional doctor’s appointments, more tests, and further diagnoses.

But wait – before all those upcoming activities, I sit today in my last treatment of chemotherapy and reflect.  I reflect on these past 12 weeks, I reflect on cancer, I reflect on my life and I reflect on the upcoming holidays, I reflect on cancer and the significance it has on me.   It is in me in my life for a reason – I believe everything happens for a reason.  I may not know the reason for cancer in my life, but I feel I know how I can grow because of it.  Cancer is significant to me right now in my life, and because this blog is about my life – there are more posts about cancer and this journey that will come.

But there are other posts also, so for today, I want to conclude this post with words I wrote in August when I started chemotherapy.  In my post ‘those around me‘, I concluded with the following –

I sit, I wait, I watch, I ponder, I accept, I acknowledge and then I realize cancer does not discriminate.

There are black, white, young and old; a man wearing a dress shirt and tie, the stately woman and the tougher looking guy. Then there is the woman with the pink hair, the majestic woman needing a little extra help, the chatty lady next to me and the young man across from me.

Today I sit for hours taking in those around me.  Today I sit for hours viewing those near to me.  Today I sit for hours receiving chemotherapy amongst others; those around me.


68 thoughts on “the importance of today

  1. ‘All things have a reason a reason for all things’ my Granny would say ….. this is not the end, dear friend but it is a milestone. At the end of this treatment you have completed the Chemotherapy. It has been tough, very tough and it is only a man as generous and humble as you that would finish a post on such a momentous Personal Day with the words you gave us at the start. Each one of you receiving Cancer is different. This disease has no boundaries. Each of you has a story. That you recognise it is humbling to those of us that read your words. Take care and hear the loud cheer from up here that you have reached this milestone in one piece.

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  2. You are extremely brave. I too believe whatever happens is for a reason, we may not know why these things happen but they do. You take care, you are positive.

    Love reading all “The National Days” very interesting indeed. Here in England we have nothing like that, perhaps we would be better off if we did.

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  3. Love ❤️ that smile you have though…
    Keep smiling.. because it’s way out of your control..
    and you are doing everything needed to try to fix it..

    I do think 💭 you are going to beat it..
    and your positive attitude is the first step to success

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  4. Congrats Terry. I admire the positive attitude you have been able to cultivate over the last few trying weeks. I know it hasn’t been easy but I have appreciated the honesty you have shared in your posts. 🍻 cheers to the milestone 😊

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  5. Congratulations on reaching this stage in your recovery. All the dosages are arbitrary to some extent and you have to rely on your doctor’s experience and how you feel. Like all things, you have to play it by ear. It’s really Mickey Mouse’s birthday??? 🐭

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  6. It seems to have gone by so fast, but I’m guessing not fast enough for you☺️ You have such a strong spirit and it shines through everything’s you write. It’s lovely to see your smiling face. You’re over this major hurdle and I hope you have time to take a breath and celebrate before facing the next. Have a good weekend – we are preparing ourselves for Hurricane Fremily hitting landfall about lunchtime tomorrow in the form of our two toddler grandchildren! I’ll hopefully put my head back above the parapet on Monday 😂

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  7. So many people are focused on Election Day on Tuesday, but my main focus that day is the that is the day I get the horrible pin through my finger out, and get this confangled contraption device off! So that will be my personal holiday!! Take care Terry I hope this last round treats you well…

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    • Kathryn, I will certainly be thinking of you this Tuesday! My last round is over and the next few days will be to recover. I hope the remover of the pin is painless, but I know you are looking forward to it being out. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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  8. Sorry I was not able to connect last night. My computer was playing tricks on me. I thought of you often though.
    Wow! Time has flown. I can’t believe 12 weeks have gone by. It must be such a relief that that is now over. I know this whole journey is not over, and I know you still have so much more to get through. Just know I am with you and thinking of you. Hugs my friend. Hoping you are feeling rested. Happy Saturday 🙂

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    • Paula, at this point I have no idea what to expect. I have imaging tests in the next couple of weeks followed by doctor appointments – then I should know more. I will have upcoming posts with more details. Happy Weekend! 🙂

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  9. What a fantastic feeling… be done with the beginning of the journey… we all know, there’s a beginning a middle and an end to all journeys before coming out a better person….so onto the middle….unfortunately it will be full of hurry and waits also…..but we are moving onto the next part….you are doing great….you look fabulous…and know sit back and let the chemo kick ass!! hope your having a wonderful weekend…cloudy here, but I see the sun trying to peek through…lots of energy sending your way…..xxxkat

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