June 1972 – Schools Out by Alice Cooper

June 1972 – a song popular in this month – Schools Out by Alice Cooper

The title (and song) were inspired by a warning often said in Bowery Boys movies in which one of the characters declares to another, “School is out,” meaning “to wise up.”

Interesting facts about Schools Out & Alice Cooper

His real name is Vincent Furnier. Alice Cooper was the name of the band, but the name became so associated with the lead singer that he took it.

This is a fixture at Cooper’s concerts. He says the difference between him and guys like Marilyn Manson is that he leaves the crowd in a good mood. His shows are meant to be fun, not depressing.

This was released in the summer of 1972, when school really was out. It’s since become an anthem for summer vacation.

This was Cooper’s biggest hit; it was especially popular in the UK where it topped the chart for three weeks. A concert staple, it is usually the last song he plays at his shows.

Cooper’s legendary stage show involves live snakes, strait jackets, corpses, and other horror movie-styled props–not to mention fog machines and dramatic lighting, of course.

This information was provided by Songfacts.com

23 thoughts on “June 1972 – Schools Out by Alice Cooper

  1. It was a HUGE hit in the UK and spans the generations there – my daughters were just as likely to be heard bellowing it out on the last day of school as I was back in the day. I loved Alice Cooper precisely because he was an entertainer who made me smile. Although many have emulated him I still think of him as a one-off – and thank you for putting the record straight on the name …. I had no idea the band was called Alice Cooper first – I just assumed (which is never clever) Happy Sunday to you …. I’m now going to turn the volume up and strut round the kitchen screeching along with them! 😁

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    • This is a great song – I still hear it today on my 70s channel! I never saw an Alice Cooper concert, to be honest, I think I was a little scared of him. I do like his music! I am sure the hubby and The Bean are enjoying you strutting around in the kitchen! Happy Sunday to you as well my dear Osyth! 🙂

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  2. Oh this is so cool ! What a song! It always fascinates me how music has changed. Good choice :-). Funny enough, my hubby decided to put on 70’s music last night, so this was very apt 🙂 Hope your weekend was a good one. x

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    • I am so glad you and hubby had the 70’s music on Lynne – were doing some dancing? My weekend was good and now it is an early start to another week. Thanks for always stopping by each day – you are a true friend. 🙂

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  3. My mom used to sing this at the top of her lungs every year when we’d get out for the summer. (She only knew the main chorus, but she sang it like she knew more). I didn’t know any of this stuff about Alice Cooper. Thanks.

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