at the right time.

In my post last month ‘a no go!‘, I wrote the following –

I will not have a chemotherapy treatment for 2 weeks and unsure at this time how this will affect my schedule.  You see next week would have been my week off and then followed by 2 final weeks of chemotherapy for my 4th and final cycle.  Now that I am not finishing the final week of my 3rd cycle I will not know when the 4th cycle will end.

You may remember I am making uncertain plans to travel back to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  With this latest development in my treatment, these uncertain plans become closer to a certainty that the visit will not take place.

Thanksgiving with my family – it may be a no go!

In today’s post, I write the following –

Thanksgiving with my family – it looks like it may be a go!  Yes, it looks like Gary and I may go to Texas for Thanksgiving!

In last Friday’s post, I wrote it was my last chemotherapy treatment.  This important segment of my journey to a better life has ended and the next steps are in the very near future.

Between today and Thanksgiving, there will be several appointments taking place to determine my future with regards to my healthcare.  Next week, the week before Thanksgiving I will have a CT Scan to determine the results of the chemotherapy I have received for the past 12 weeks.  My CT Scan will then be followed by appointments with my Oncologist Dr. D. and Urologist Dr. P.

The CT Scan and these visits with my doctors should determine what will be coming next in my life.  Some unknowns for the immediate future should be revealed this upcoming week.

I think the timing of the end of my chemotherapy treatment and the future expectations are at the right time.  I should know what the future holds for me when and if I visit my family in Texas for Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving will be important for me and I believe also for my family.  There are immediate family members who have had health issues with some surgeries and others who continue to struggle with diseases.  But no one in my immediate family has had cancer; I am the first.  And yes, I know cancer is not necessarily my death sentence, but it certainly is an important and dangerous disease that has affected my family and me.

No matter what is revealed next week – the decision will be made if the visit to Texas for Thanksgiving will take place or not.

Today, I do believe I will spend this Thanksgiving with my family.


54 thoughts on “at the right time.

  1. The word Cancer strikes fear in the hearts of all mankind. Your family must be extraordinarily worried given that you are the first. I am so so delighted that it looks as though your Thanksgiving trip will happ

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  2. Happen. The CT will give you further answers. Its still petits pas … baby steps, but you are walking your walk and you have something to actually look forward to – almost certainly – which must call you on even more!

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  3. Fingers and toes crossed 🙂 Here’s hoping your trip to Texas will happen and you get to spend Thanksgiving with your family. This has been a long hard road, and I wish you well with all your next doctors appointments to determine the next steps. Love and hugs 🙂 xxx

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  4. I love your positive attitude….and the word cancer puts child in most peoples spines….my bonnet is off to you my friend for having come this far with such strength…. fingers crossed you will be sitting around a big Thanksgiving family holding hands with your mom!!!! xxxxkat

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