Beach Drive

A couple of weeks ago, Gary and I visited Pensacola Beach for lunch.

We then drove from Pensacola Beach along the Gulf Coast to Navarre Beach.

For most of the drive, the beaches were uninhabited.

We enjoyed the beach drive – I hope you do as well.


(FYI: I have left comments the last few days on other’s blogs and they are not displayed – I suspect they are going to Spam)


44 thoughts on “Beach Drive

  1. I am so sorry I don’t know what I done on the above, all day long I have been hitting the keys and my message is sent before I correct it or finish it, its the keyboard’s fault not mine!! What I didn’t say is, I have lovely isolated Beaches up the road from my house and I never go there, you have given me food for thought, thanks you. I will try and reblog if its a disaster, I will get my youngest Son to help, I normally shout for him, no good on internet. Take care.

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  2. LOL. Dark and twisty here. The first image that popped into my mind when I saw the picture was the chief of police, finding the arm of the girl that “Jaws” had gotten. Ah….my mind does work in mysterious ways.
    BTW….I get what I think are most of your comments but I am finding that more and more others are commenting and they are not showing up…not even in my spam. 😦

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  3. Inspired choice of music! That beach and that ocean are SO beautiful. I love the colours and the wind playing with the water and the whatever sort of plants they are. And the song is a favourite of mine which had me bopping with The Bean in the kitchen and smiling the smile of a someone who is happy that her friend is enjoying the freedom of a drive along a deserted shore 🌊

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  4. That was a lovely video and the music was perfect but when I started watching I started crying! Obviously, it hit something that I was unaware of. Very strange because it is truly a great video and beach ride.

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