– the time has come

Last Friday in my post ‘at the right time‘, I wrote the following –

Between today and Thanksgiving, there will be several appointments taking place to determine my future with regards to my healthcare.  Next week, the week before Thanksgiving I will have a CT Scan to determine the results of the chemotherapy I have received for the past 12 weeks.  My CT Scan will then be followed by appointments with my Oncologist Dr. D. and Urologist Dr. P.

The CT Scan and these visits with my doctors should determine what will be coming next in my life.  Some unknowns for the immediate future should be revealed this upcoming week.

I think the timing of the end of my chemotherapy treatment and the future expectations is at the right time.  I will know what the future holds for me when and if I visit my family in Texas for Thanksgiving.

In today’s post, I write these words –

My CT Scan took place this past Tuesday and today I have an appointment with my Oncologist Dr. D. this morning to discuss the results.  The most recent CT Scan will be compared to the previous imaging tests that took place prior to my chemotherapy treatment.  Following the visit this morning, I then have an appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. later today.  With these appointments, I should have a clear indication what will take place in the upcoming months with regards to my healthcare.  For quite some time now with much of that time lacking patience, I have wanted to know what lies ahead for me; what are the next steps and where does this journey take me?  The wait is over; the information will be presented to me and decisions will be made – the time has come.

Because of Thanksgiving, next week I will be publishing posts related to the season and other topics.  I decided I will not post about my cancer or the results of tests or the results of my doctor’s visits or decisions until the following week after Thanksgiving.

Today, the decision is made that Gary and I will travel to Texas for Thanksgiving to spend with my family.

Next Tuesday, Roxy will be left with Gary’s younger brother where she will stay for a week.  Next Wednesday, Gary and I will fly from Florida to Texas and spend several days with my family.

My friends, stay with me for a couple of weeks as I post about many different topics.  Two weeks from today, I will publish a post about what the future holds with regards to my cancer, my health, my care and my life.

I never can say or write enough here on my blog; how much I appreciate each one of you.  Truly, each day I am fortunate to find wonderful people who stop by to read and comment.

Thank You – Happy Day My Friends!


58 thoughts on “– the time has come

  1. Terry, I am so happy you will be going to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with your family. I know you have a lot going on now with appointments and everything, just know I am thinking of you, and wish you all the best. Looking forward to your posts. Have a beautiful day. Hugs 🙂

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  2. Whatever the news is today I will wait patiently to here. To the time when YOU are ready to share it. I really look forward to reading your seasonal posts in the meantime and I wish you such happy travels to be in the bosom of your family at this special time of year. The Bean wishes Roxie a great stay with her Uncle and hopes that he will understand that it is his civic duty to spoil her rotten – these little pups must stick together, you understand! Biggest hugs to you all from your North East friends

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    • Osyth, Roxy has stayed with the uncle before – trust me she is spoiled when she is there. Gary and I look forward to our travels next week – the family is very excited about our visit. I appreciate the hugs – have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! 🙂

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  3. How exciting that your getting to go…..I look forward to your holiday post….I am very excited for you…Texas….gonna be fun for sure………I am trying not to read between the lines until after Thanksgiving…..I will continue to twirl under the moon for you….xxxxkat

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  4. That’s the spirit, Terry. Put everything on hold and have a lovely time with your family. The trip will boost your spirits and Texas has missed you. You are arriving just in time for the cold front so pack your woollies and sweaters. Try to enjoy the moment, sweetie!🍗🍗

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