Brother, it may be the chromosomes

I wrote a post back in September titled ‘Brothers‘, in which I ended with the following words –

The years preceding today, for the brothers, it was not always easy to embrace compassion, love and expression.

I think they are changing – what a nice birthday present for us all.

Happy Birthday Brothers.


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In today’s post, I write the following words –

This brother and I: maybe what we do not have in common is our chromosomes?

Today is my 2nd oldest brother’s birthday.  This brother and I have had little contact for most of our lives.  We seemed to have had very little in common for most of our years, and we still do in many ways.  But as we have grown older we have changed and come to realize as many people do; life is short.  The very little we have in common is no longer important, and now that we are becoming older – we realize what we do have in common.

We have the same father, who is starting to diminish due to Parkinson’s Disease.  We have a mother who is doing well, but has had her share of health issues the past several years.  Our parents are in their early 80s and us kids know this and realize as our parents are aging, so are we.  And I guess as many people age; sometimes our thinking changes, sometimes our attitude changes and in the case of my brother who I have very little in common with – so is our relationship changing.

This change came about recently and most likely due to my health issues.  Yes, I know, the recent health issue should not be a reason to bring us closer, we should have always been closer.  I think many families are not perfect and my siblings would agree with me when I say our family certainly is not perfect – far from it.  Being an imperfect family is fine with me and I am okay with my 2nd oldest brother and I becoming closer as I battle with my health issues.

I performed a search about why brothers can be different and not have much in common.  I was unsure what I was looking for with my search results and I certainly was not expecting clear-cut answers.  The results I did receive has our differences coming down to chromosomes and gene sequences.

For my 2nd oldest brother and I; well I think no matter our chromosomes or gene sequences or what very little in common we had; they still exist.  But I believe it is what we have in common that brings us closer together.  Parents, aging, health issues, changes in thinking, changes in attitude – that is what is bringing us closer.

I am good with having the improved relationship with this brother – he is important to me.


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I embrace you and I love you.

So 2nd oldest brother, you may never see this blog or read these words – I am thankful our relationship is better than it ever has been.

Happy Birthday Brother!

32 thoughts on “Brother, it may be the chromosomes

  1. As a younger sister to four older Brother’s they are so very important to me each and everyday. As I look forward to Thanksgiving I will see, hug and visit with each of them. My oldest brother and the younger brother I see almost daily the other two at least monthly. We are family…Enjoy it! Sunshine Hugs.

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  2. Well said terry…
    I do think all families go through similar things and have similar relationships with siblings…

    And sometimes it does take something like health issues for us to realize that we need to get and mend that barrier that has us drifting apart and away..

    Good 😊 job.. and best of friendship with your brothers

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          • The Bean says this is impossible – there are not enough treats in the world to make too many for a dog particularly a friend of hers! She also says thank you for the ear rubs which she always enjoys! Safe travels my dear friend (and Gary)

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  3. What is perfect my friend? You and your family are human, as we all are. Things happen, and it really does not matter, what has brought you and your brother closer, what matters is you are closer now, and that is what is important. I hope you get to tell your brother the way you feel. It would be nice for both of you. Happy Birthday to your brother 🙂

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  4. This is so, so special and bitter sweet in its truth… I´m glad that you and your brother finally get closer, though of course I wish the circumstances would have been different… But in the end it all comes down to love, and that´s all that matters, not when or for how long but that it happens alone. xxxxxxx

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