Several weeks ago, Gary and I went to the movies.  The Naval Air Station Pensacola has its own movie theater and the price is cheaper than your typical movie theaters.  How lucky are we that we have access to recently released movies and at a cheaper cost?

So, we sat off to see ‘Sully’ starring Tom Hanks and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  No review from me – as I would have no idea how to write one – and certainly no spoilers!

When arriving at the movie theater on the Naval Air Station Pensacola, we encountered no crowds and there was no waiting in line at the concession stand.  We bought a soda and popcorn for a bargain that included free refills of both – who gets free refills at the movie theater for soda and popcorn?


Before the movie began, Gary and I were talking about popcorn and I mentioned I remember popping it on the stove in a pot with a lid, then pouring into a brown paper bag.  We would then melt butter on the stove (for you young folks – there were no microwaves when I was young, yes really!), then we would pour the butter into the brown paper bag and shake it to spread the butter on the popcorn.  Gary and I also discussed in our conversation remembering Jiffy-Pop Popcorn.  Who remembers Jiffy-Pop Popcorn and is it still in available for purchase?

Yes, I had to Google Jiffy-Pop and I did receive the following –

People also ask

Do they still make Jiffy Pop popcorn?

It can be hard to find Jiffy Pop in stores, leading some to wonder if Jiffy Pop was discontinued. The good news is that Jiffy Pop is still made. One reason it could be harder to find Jiffy Pop in stores now is that Microwave popcorn has become more common in the home.

Well this makes perfect sense because Jiffy-Pop Popcorn is made from foil and we know what happens with foil in a microwave.  Then I searched popcorn, and received these among the results –

How to Make Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop

Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?


Image Provided by: blogstage.peewee.com

There is an interesting article titled The Science and History of Popcorn – the Snack that Saved the Movies on the filmmakeriq.com website that has the history of popcorn.

This is my interesting post about movies and popcorn.  I thought this post appropriate because I understand that Thanksgiving Day is historically the day most people go to the movies, followed by Christmas Day.  And Thanksgiving weekend many times sees box office records for movies.  Okay, just for those that want to know, the record holder movie for Thanksgiving weekend was back in 2013.  Any guesses?

Yes, it was Frozen.

And I am guessing on that Thanksgiving weekend in 2013, there was a great amount of popcorn being eaten.

If you are going to the movies this weekend – enjoy, have fun and eat some popcorn!

Oh, I almost forgot, there is also a popcorn song –

59 thoughts on “Popcorn

  1. I am as old as you so I well remember Jiffy-Pop. It was imported to the UK and I can still remember my excitement as the popcorn start to pop. It was a huge noise and you had to keep the lid on or the popcorn would be all over the kitchen. It tasted much better than the new stuff, even with the burnt and unpopped kernels. You and Gary look fabulous together – nice to know that you are having some fun times right now.

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  2. Thanks for the smile, and the link to popcorn history in the movies. I have had to have two small surgeries the last two Fridays but I expect to bounce back. Thank you for your interesting posts, and when I shovel snow soon, I will be wishing I was enjoying sunshine like you down Pensacola way.

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    • David, I was wondering about you as I have not seen you in awhile. I will keep you in my thoughts as you recover. I know that shoveling snow should be good exercise – may be I need to come help out. Happy Sunday David. 🙂

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  3. You are not going to believe this, but I only make popcorn in a pot ! I have never popped popcorn in the microwave. And, funny you had a post about popcorn today, because today I made popcorn in the pot. I was telling my daughter that next time, we should indulge and make the buttered popcorn, of course using the pot, and then putting the popcorn in a bowl, then tossing all that fattening butter all over the popcorn, and mixing it around. Yum 🙂
    And, then there is the popcorn song, how cool. Have a great day my friend 🙂 x

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  4. Popcorn and the movies is like bread and butter. Before Jiffy-Pop I remember a square black metal popcorn popper with a long handle and a thick black metal screen on top. It was heavy and used by shaking it back and forth on top of the stove, much like the Jiffy-Pop popper.

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  5. Popcorn and movies… gotta have it! I made my first “real” pot of popcorn when I was about 8 or 9, and it exploded all over me, lol. Today I am thankful for microwave popcorn… with extra butter!! Have a great weekend Terry!! It’s great to see your smile!

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  6. I don’t remember jiffy-pop (and feel I must have been a deprived child) but I do remember popping corn on the stove …. I carried on the tradition with my own children when they were young – scrumptious …. nothing smells quite like it and that sound …..

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  7. Sure do remember Jiffy Pop! Mom made it for special occasions like watching Rudolph once a year in our jammies with hot cocoa. And hubby and I can’t go to a movie without getting popcorn! Just saw Hacksaw Ridge this weekend! It was very good. And we at lots of popcorn 🙂

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    • I agree, as a child watching Jiffy-Pop was magic – oh how times have changed. You need to see Sully, I will not give out anything about it except I did shed a tear – but then again I do that for most movies – that is just me. Happy Sunday to you! 🙂


  8. Oh my I forgot about the popcorn song….thanks for the blast from the past…LOL we had jiffy pop popcorn all the time when I was young…seemed to be the only kind we ate…I still like my popcorn made in a pot on the stove…LOL and down here there is kettle corn on every corner….yum!!!!! kat

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  9. I loove going to the movies! Though with DVDs and such it´s been a long time I went… Really have to do it again! I just love the smell of popcorn and those comfy theatre chairs 😉 And you know what? I still make pop corn on my stove, ´cause I don´t have a microwave! (many people in Europe are still against it, especially because of health reasons…). Have a wonderful day! xxxxxxxx

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    • We went to the movies for the first time in years – it was loads of fun. That is interesting about the microwaves in Europe, I did not realize people were against it. Thanks Sarah, a wonderful day to you as well. 🙂

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      • Oh, there are lots of people who do use them, but there´s also an awareness of its risk. But then it could also be that people around here are just more stubborn 😉 When I´m visiting my family in England, I´m always too happy to use the microwave too 😉 Have a happy day, dear Terry! 🙂 xxxxxx

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  10. The wife and I actually had some Jiffy Pop about a year ago for “old-times sake.” Ironically we were just talking about getting it again when your post appeared. Used to be a regular in our house growing up. (Hadn’t heard that song in awhile either!)

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