Two weeks ago in my post ‘– the time has come‘, I concluded with the following –

My friends, stay with me for a couple of weeks as I post about many different topics.  Two weeks from today, I will publish a post about what the future holds with regards to my cancer, my health, my care and my life.

I never can say or write enough here on my blog; how much I appreciate each one of you.  Truly, each day I am fortunate to find wonderful people who stop by to read and comment.

Thank You – Happy Day My Friends!

In today’s post,

Results –

85 thoughts on “Results

  1. thanks for the update….glad the chemo did what it was suppose to…..where you going on your cruise?? Sounds like fun…..your looking fantastic by the way…sounds like you have a great plan laid out to get you health back and then you can be out on the road….next year this time this will all be behind you….xxxxkat

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  2. Thank you for sharing the news. Glad things are “good.” Enjoy your cruise and time away. Thinking of you! Stay positive, you have lots of people praying and sending good wishes!

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  3. I have been anxiously awaiting this news and keeping you, Gary & Roxy in my prayers (as I will continue to do). I am happy that you now know the next steps you have to take in this journey, as difficult as they may be, to get back to healthy! You sound so positive, and I am sure the cruise will only help that!

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    • Thank you Sarah for the continued prayers. The next steps will be difficult and I will remain positive, although I have my moments of weakness. All is good and we are certainly looking forward to our cruise. Happy Friday! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the update. You’re going through some very incredible things and you will be in my prayers. About that my mom had cancer or year ago May. She went through chemo and radiation and she’s doing really well. I pray the same for you. Enjoy the cruise. I look forward to your posts about it.

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  5. ❤ Here's some good thoughts and healing light being sent your way. I was hopeful, at the beginning of your video, that because the cancer had been erased, it was gone. Sadly now I understand that's not the case and my prayers continue to be with you my friend. Thanks so much for being a positive and upbeat individual even at this time when many would be depressed and rightly so. Take care Terry! ❤

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    • I deal with what is given me on a daily bases and most days I am positive and upbeat. I cannot let myself get too down – there is much more I need to do in this life. All is well with me – I have many wonderful friends here such as yourself. 🙂


    • Bernadette, you are welcome – I feel fortunate to have many wonderful friends supporting me here on WP. The cruise will be a time to rest and relax and it will certainly help me prepare for what is to come next month. Happy Weekend. 🙂

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  6. I have a pit in my stomach. The unknown is now the known, and I guess it is best to know what the next step is, and what the future holds. Even though you have the big surgery coming up, I am pleased you get to go on your cruise and enjoy the holidays as best you can. Thoughts and prayers are always with you my friend. Hugs xxx

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  7. I am so happy you get to go on your cruise and enjoy the holidays before the big surgery! Of course that will mean some kind of lifestyle change with a bag and all that but they make them very unobtrusive now. I pray for the best of all outcomes for you Terry! I’m sure your mate will take excellent care of you during all this. Love ya! xoxoxo

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    • Kathryn, there certainly will be a lifestyle change – one that will need some adjusting to when the time comes. For now, the cruise is a week away – and we are looking forward to that. I appreciate you – have a great weekend. 🙂

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  8. My dear Terry, i am heartened to read that the chemotherapy treatment has done it’s work well. I know you have a huge hill yet to climb but at least this bit has been successful. Carpe diem has never been more poignant a declaration to me than it is now … seize the day and enjoy it and I will be sending you a cup full of positivity to swig daily. Take good care and find the beauty in everything you can. Biggest, warmest hugs from England (which amazingly, is sunny!!)

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  9. Hi Terry. I have been out of town, as you know, but that was really good news to hear that the chemo has removed the cancer enough to have the surgery. I will keep lighting candles and wishing you the very best in the next 6 months. K x💋

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