I almost forgot

Earlier this year in April in my post ‘Anniversaries’, I wrote the following –

Gary and I usually do not celebrate the day we met and usually do not celebrate our birthdays – maybe we need to start.

Gary and I have not reached our 1st year wedding anniversary – but I think we should celebrate it.

After many years of being together, we exist and our relationship continues.  It may be that initial spark has dimmed, and our routines are played out each, and every day and we know the other so well we have become content and relaxed and comfortable.  This is good, but that spark that was lit upon meeting 13 years ago; should be revisited and celebrated – maybe we need to start – today!

In today’s post, I write the following –

Gary and I were married 1 year ago today; today is our 1 year wedding anniversary – I almost forgot.

Our lives together for more than a decade now has us living our lives comfortable with each other and being a little complacent.

When I started my blog; it was to be about my life without having opinions about politics, social events, religion and other topics that could cause conflict.  I do not desire conflict here on my blog – I do not need it – I do not want it.

Today I felt I needed to write about Gary, me and our marriage – it is after all our 1 year wedding anniversary.

Never in my mind would I have considered marriage again after my first marriage of decades ago.  And never in my mind would I have considered marriage to another man.

But it happened and accept it or not, it is a reality – my reality – Gary’s reality.

I love Gary very much, and at times I do not always display this – you know I can be a difficult person to live with.  I am moody, mean and complain about many things.  Gary puts up with me for reasons that are unknown to me, why does he do this?

Love, what’s love got to with it?  Everything; love is universal, love is blind, love is unlimited, love is forever, love is eternal.

That is my opinion about my marriage to another man – love, what’s love got to with it?


I almost forgot.

57 thoughts on “I almost forgot

  1. Happy Anniversary…..I always say if we can celebrate it then lets do it…LOL I always send cards or a phone call on someone’s special day…life is all about celebrating, happiness and just being thankful….Gary loves you, and all that you are….and I know you love him…..Happy Day to both of you and your continued life together…..whoooo hooooo its party time!!!!

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  2. Happy First Anniversary to you and Gary! Wishing for many, many more! And hoping I get to someday hug you both!! I have to smile when I think of Gary. I recall you always saying, “Say Hi Gary,” and he says (with the brightest, big, beautiful smile), “Hi Gary!” 🙂 xo

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  3. This is a freaking beautiful post! I’m up at 3 am. Can’t sleep. Decided to catch up on your blog and this post just made my night. Nothing more important than love. Seeing you share that love is a beautiful thing.

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    • Oh Bethany, I am very glad you enjoyed this post – sorry you are unable to sleep and up at 3 am. I appreciate you thinking about me and stopping by to catch up – thank you for the very nice comment. Hope you have a happy week. 🙂

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  4. We all want to say congratulations! Lots of comments! Lol 😊 I’ve been married a long time and the best advice I ever received was to keep dating my wife. That means never stop treating her as special as I did before I won her over.

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  5. Yay! Congratulations I thought you had gotten married during the time of your blog but I missed seeing any announcement. Call it a hunch! lol I very happy for you both and DON’T forget, it is everything. What a lovely anniversary post.

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