here is your answer

There are many posts on this blog that describe me; my personality, my physical body, my mind, my habits, my behaviors and many other aspects me.

I am not Ricky

There is a word that others use to describe me – I do not use it – society decided to give it to me – others decided to label me with it.

I have used the label, the word that others describe me here a couple of times in posts – not to label me, and not to describe me.

What am I really writing about here?

Having written over 600 posts since the start of this blog; some topics come to me in an instant while others I think about for awhile.  This post came to me per a comment I received from a reader.  I receive many comments here on my blog, and I respond to 99.99% of them.  I have a few comments that require approval; these are from readers who are commenting for the first time and yes, I have a couple of readers that I have their comments go to the ‘Pending’ folder because they left a previous comment that I did not appreciate.  Okay, let’s move on.

Recently I had a comment in my ‘Pending’ folder from a first-time comment reader.  I was not offended by the comment, but it did involve a detailed response from me.  You know me, sometimes I respond to comments via a post – here is that post.

The reader that left that comment; I did not approve your comment, but here is my response.  Your comment mentioned the ‘G’ word, the word others use to describe me; but does it describe me?

Am I a ‘Gentleman’, some would think so.  Am I ‘Gentle’, I can be.  Am I a ‘Gem’, well ask Gary.  Am I ‘Gracious’, ‘Gratifying’, ‘Guiltless’, ‘Growing’ and ‘Groovy’?  These are words that can describe me.

That other ‘G’ word, if I am correct; the word was used in 2 posts here on my blog; I do use it often, as I really do not like it much.  Have I use the ‘G’ word to describe myself?

The answer is in the many posts published on my blog.

Last year, I wrote a series of posts to describe me, to expose me and let you know me – to meet me.

My Body Image2

Image provided by:

You can read these posts and find if I used the ‘G’ word or not to describe me –

Easy to Label, Easy to Judge

Being Different – aren’t we all

Word Meanings

my sexuality will die with me

‘The Outcast’

Queer, Geek, Gay

I Am Me

Okay, again for that reader that left the comment – here is your answer –

Gary and I have been mistaken for brothers many times.  There are many of us out there everywhere, and you say you have not met anyone from that side – you most likely have – you just did not know it.  Crystal clear is a word that is always crystal clear.  You know when you know – for some that is earlier and for others that is later.  Many people can become anything they want to be, many people choose to be something, anything they want to be.  I choose not to be anything, something I am not – but instead I am who I am.


My rant is over… I actually wanted to start with ‘Thank you for your comment.’

47 thoughts on “here is your answer

  1. You are just You, special to all those that know and love you. This labelling of people sickens me. Goodness sake why in this World do people have to name call, put labels on everyone. All the media outlets are exactly the same. As I listened to the news here last night in England, whether one likes President Elect Trump or not, it annoyed me immensely that the newscaster reading the news, the story of “Time’s Man of the Year” Award, this journalist had to say at the end “a comparison with Adolf Hitler”, I did not want this idiots personal comments, another label, why? People are people good or bad. You appear to me to be a very nice caring Gentleman, take care my Friend.

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    • Anna, I have written many posts here about labeling and you are correct, there are many labels placed on us by many people. My point to this post to the reader that left the comment is they labeled me with a word that I do not label myself with. I appreciate your honest comment – have a great day my friend! 🙂

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    • Thank you, the last paragraph of this post was a very direct response to the reader’s comment – they ranted also in their comment – which I have several times here. Thanks, I always appreciate your comments – have a great day! 🙂


  2. Does that “g” word have two or three letters? I cannot imagine anyone speculating on the first and the second is a compliment in my opinion, heck, I’M one of those! My ‘g’ word for you would be ‘gracious’ because you (in blogland anyway) always, ALWAYS are! You might have a temper and such, but here it rarely shows and your forbearance with fools is amazing. Now if you’d indulge me a question, I was curious about the sentence that reads: “Gary and I have been mistaken for brothers many times. There are many of us out there everywhere, and you say you have not met anyone from that side – you most likely have – you just did not know it. ” Um, I would assume, but you know that bit about assume (making an ass + u + me) my question is “What?” If it’s about that first word that I think you’ve been labeled, my own response would have been “So What?” Cheers Terry.

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    • Embeecee, I always appreciate your comments and your posts. I will be honest, I was having some difficulty following your comment and so I am unsure how to respond. You are welcome to email me and I would be happy to respond. Thanks dear! 🙂


  3. Dr. Seuss- Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
    Terry, I apologize for the immature people who used labels and failed to see you the person. I see you the person and not the label. The only label I have for you is “friend “

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  4. ‘G’reat rant👍 and well said 👌 I think because we label and categories things, similar to how we tag and categories our WordPress post; usually so other like minded individuals find them. Although it kinda bothers me to tag etc (cos that means I have to think about what I’ve just written lol) but it makes total sense to compartmentalise such things,but it’s not really necessary and such a simple thing to do with us humans maybe that’s why people want to easily label another? Because that’s what they’re use to? 🤔

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    • I agree with you – it is something we do and are use to! I was really not upset with the comment that the reader left, I just did not want to be labeled with a word that I do not label myself with. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment – always welcomed here. 🙂

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  5. I bluddy well hate labels …. I’m not fond of them in clothes because they tend to irritate and scratch and the labels we place on people tend to do the same. To me you are just you. And I am G for Glad that you are. So there!

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