Welcome Aboard!

Back in October, In my post ‘I need a vacation‘, I wrote the following –

I need a vacation, so Gary and I have planned taking a cruise in December a couple of weeks prior to Christmas.  We are planning taking a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise the second week in December.  Today, there are still uncertainties with my health and the care needed; but I truly believe I will be able to travel by the second week in December.  This travel in December will be discussed with my Oncologist Dr. D. whom I have an appointment with prior to today’s chemotherapy treatment.


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My view on my health and my life is that taking a small break from what is taking place, will be a benefit for Gary and myself.  Precautions will be taken and I will remain focus on remaining infection free.

I need to get away – I need a break – I need to have some fun – I need a vacation.

In today’s post, I write the following –

I received the all-clear from my Oncologist Dr. D. for the cruise and with chemotherapy completed more than 6 weeks ago, I am ready. Gary and I are setting sail on our cruise today.

I plan to take many pictures, some videos and hopefully will have a brain full of ideas for future posts.

I know the certainties of my future healthcare – I know what to expect the beginning of next year.  I have shared this information with you and I accept what the future holds for me.  I place the future in the future knowing it will soon be the present.  Before that future present arrives, the present today is here and the cruise, the vacation, the get-away, the break, the fun begins in a few hours.


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Yesterday, we traveled to and stayed overnight with Gary’s older brother in Orlando and this morning we make our way to Port Canaveral to board and set sail for our 7-day cruise.

Just a reminder my friends, my personal goal is to post every single day – expect posts while I am away.  I also want to remind you, as indicated in my post ‘Spending time away‘, I will disable comments on some of the posts due to my limited time online.

Welcome Aboard!