Back Tomorrow

In my post ‘Spending time away‘, I wrote the following –

While I am on one of the biggest ships, sailing the Atlantic Ocean visiting several Caribbean islands; my plan involves some days publishing a brand-new post and other days re-publishing an older post.  I wrote posts early in my blog that received little exposer and I consider them among others as interesting posts. I know I can reblog these posts, but decided instead to create a new post for each and give a different name to them.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to stop by, read and leave many wonderful comments.  My time away sailing and enjoying other activities will result in time offline and will prevent me from responding to the many wonderful comments I receive.  Therefore, I will be disabling the comments on many of my upcoming posts while spending time away.  There will be times I will have some time online and you will see me a little here and there on WP.  But, most of my time will be offline having fun, relaxing and enjoying the sun.


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In today’s post, I write the following –

The past 7 days, Gary and I have been sailing on a large ship in the Eastern Caribbean and will be back docked into a Florida port tomorrow.

Upon my return, I plan to share our trip though words, pictures and video.  I hope you enjoyed my posts from this past week; some new, some old and I appreciate you allowing me to disable the comments on a few.  You are welcome to leave a comment on this post related to a post from this past week.  I hope to have the time to start responding to comments tomorrow and to read your posts.  But if time does not allow, I will eventually catch-up – I promise.


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I am writing this post in advance because I am out sailing the seas, but I know from my past experiences with taking a cruise that Gary and I had a great time.  Starting next week, I am back to the Christmas season; after all it is a little over a week away.

But next week also is the start of what is to occur with my health and body; my reality.  My reality starts again next week with an appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. to discuss details of my upcoming surgery.  The week after Christmas will be an appointment with the hospital for pre-op procedures and the first week of the new year begins with a major surgery.

There still is a couple of weeks before that first week of the year – for now, today – I am still cruising.

I will be back tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Back Tomorrow

  1. Welcome home….what fun you had….I enjoyed following along…..look forward to some pictures and videos…love your attitude about the next step in your care….as my sister says…one gig at a time is all she can handle….only way to get through life, enjoy the moment and deal with it the same,… Roxy’s glad her family is home…..kat

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