December – Father Christmas by The Kinks

December – a popular holiday song this time of year – Father Christmas by The Kinks

This song is about a kid whose Christmas experience is a bit unusual. He never believed in Father Christmas, but finds himself performing as the character, and gets mugged by kids who tell him they want his money, not toys.

Interesting facts about Father Christmas & The Kinks

“Father Christmas” is the name used in The UK and Australia for Santa Claus.

In England, Father Christmas is the personification of Christmas, in the same way as Santa Claus is in the United States. Although the characters are now synonymous, historically Father Christmas and Santa Claus have separate entities, stemming from unrelated traditions.

The Kinks were formed by the Davies brothers, who generally do not get along.

Ray Davies frequently stole shows by performing the song live wearing a Santa costume.

This song is played in the background at the end of the movie Step Brothers as the camera is slowly zooming in on the family during The Holidays.

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14 thoughts on “December – Father Christmas by The Kinks

  1. Well, I have learnt something today 🙂 Funny, I have heard of The Kinks, but really did not know much about them. So interesting! Welcome back my friend, I hope you are well rested, and had loads of fun. Give Roxy a hug from me 🙂 and have an awesome day 🙂

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