a walnut-sized gland

Several weeks ago in my video post ‘Results‘, I revealed to you my health status and what is next with regards to my care.  I indicated in that video I would undergo the Radical Cystectomy surgery scheduled for January 5th, 2017.

Prior to leaving on our cruise December 11th, I already had a scheduled appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. to discuss the details of my upcoming surgery – more about that appointment later in this post.

After returning from my Thanksgiving trip to Texas and prior to leaving on our cruise, I started having pains in my abdominal region that I had not experienced before.  I also was feeling more discomfort from the ureteral stent that currently is inserted from my right kidney to my bladder.  I felt the pains I experienced to be tolerable and left for the cruise ready for some fun in the sun and sea.  I currently take medications for several different reasons, but have not been taking pain medications for quite some time.  Gary, the proactive person he is did bring my pain medication ‘just in case’ – thank you Gary!

The pain and discomfort increased to the point I began having problems walking, sitting, standing and laying.  I had to start taking the pain pills, several of them a day and tried my best to enjoy the cruise.  Upon the cruise returning to port, we made an overnight stop at Gary’s brother in Orlando and preceded to his younger brother’s home near Pensacola.  All during this time the pain continued as did the pain medication.

Also upon our return, I had a voicemail waiting for me indicating my surgery date is moved to January 16th, 2017.

Yesterday, I had my scheduled appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. to discuss my upcoming surgery.  The appointment instead was to deal with my current abdominal pains I have experienced the past couple of weeks.  Dr. P. ordered blood work and a CT Scan which came back with good results and nothing new with regards to my cancer.  It was determined that the abdominal pains could be related to a prostate infection.

From mayoclinic.org

Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland situated directly below the bladder in men. The prostate gland produces fluid (semen) that nourishes and transports sperm.

Prostatitis often causes painful or difficult urination. Other symptoms include pain in the groin, pelvic area or genitals and sometimes flu-like symptoms.

Prostatitis affects men of all ages but tends to be more common in men 50 or younger. The condition has a number of causes. Sometimes the cause isn’t identified. If prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection, it can usually be treated with antibiotics.

Depending on the cause, prostatitis can come on gradually or suddenly. It might improve quickly, either on its own or with treatment. Some types of prostatitis last for months or keep recurring (chronic prostatitis).

I received an injection yesterday of antibiotics and 10 days of pills to treat this infection.  I also received a higher dose of pain medication to help with the discomfort I am currently experiencing.

I have a follow-up appointment with my Urologist Dr. P. next Tuesday to discuss the details of my upcoming surgery.


76 thoughts on “a walnut-sized gland

  1. Oh no, so sorry you were and are experiencing pain. That little gland, really …something so small to cause problems, it is just not fair. Hang in there my friend, and I hope the meds work nicely and relieve you of any pain and discomfort. Hugs 🙂 x

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  2. I am SO sorry you have been experiencing more pain. And when you were supposed to be having a lovely relaxed time on the cruise ship (thank goodness Gary tucked the painkillers in just in case) …. I do hope that the anti-B’s do their best in short order and that you are not feeling too grotty with them (I know antibiotics can be devilishly undermining) and I wish you well of course for Christmas and beyond. I have also noted your new surgery day in my diary so that I can send particularly fervent and warm wishes at that time. Mostly, I send you love. But you know that …

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    • Osyth, you are a sweetheart and I always look forward to your comments – they brighten my day, even when I am experiencing much pain. I hope to be feeling much better next week once the antibiotics have kicked in. Hope your trip is beautiful and wonderful and your upcoming Christmas is filled with much joy and happiness.

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      • Thank you, dear Terry – so far I have one daughter with me, The Bean and my youngest are with my mother which means The Bean will be expanding her waistline and I will have to diet her when we get back to France (!) and my other two daughters arrive with me tomorrow …. we are renting a little thatched cottage about 5 miles from my mother and it only sleeps 5 so there will be some comical moving around as the daughters decide who is staying with Granny on particular nights but for me I just feel very blessed to be in one piece and looking forward to what I hope will be a peaceful festive day. I do hope the antibiotics work quickly and take away your pain because frankly I don’t like to think of you suffering any more than you are already. Hugs to you all

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        • I am very excited about you spending the time with your daughters and mom. And I understand about The Beans waistline – Roxy’s expanded while we were away – she is going on a diet like the rest of us once Christmas is over. The pain continues for awhile longer as the antibiotics do their job – I will be back good as new in no-time! 🙂

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  3. As you can see I am reading back words on your post….hope the pain is gone and the infection well on its way out of your body….really like that your healthcare team is on top of things….that’s a good feeling…I marked my calendar for the 16th, I will be thinking of you all day for sure…I just wanted you to know that your in my prayers daily and moon beam worshiping often……xxxxkat

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