Steven Hall Grimnes

I searched the internet for him and his story.

I found some information on ‘The National Archives’ website, but no information I did not already know.


Who is this person, and what is his story?

I know the Name, the Rank, the Branch of Service, the Wars, the Time Lived; but I do not know anything else.


But there are thousands upon thousands who rest in peace and who are recognized a few times a year for their life and their time serving us.

My husband served and saw some action and my son serves and saw no action.

Many others have served and are serving that were in action; and many died in action – still many never to return from action.


As I currently live on the Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola, Florida; I drive by the area of land almost every day.

Upon returning from our recent trip, I once again drove by; but this time it was different – because of the season.


Rows upon rows of them, garnished with wreaths and bows of red to mark the season.

I stood in awe at the site and it reminded me of the sacrifices these individuals made and still make today.


Let us not forget about those serving in the military and are away from family this time of the year.

Let us not forget about those that have served and who rest in peace in our national cemeteries across this great land.

Who are these people, and what are their stories?


32 thoughts on “Steven Hall Grimnes

  1. What a stirring tribute to our veterans. I have often wondered “who they were,” especially when I visit cemeteries and see how unkempt they are. I have often thought about writing down their names and creating a story for them but I wouldn’t want to insult anybodys’ memory.
    But….I still think they should be remembered, if only in a fictional story.

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    • Laurel, I think writing a fictional story of the scarifies these individuals make is a wonderful idea. These names to mark their resting place have many stories that will never be told. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

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  2. I was able to watch on TV the people laying the wreaths,….I love the look of the wreaths leaning on the head stone…really brings a catch in your breath to take in the site, even on TV……my heart is with those families that are without their loved ones this year and forever and hope they know that I, me, am deeply touched by there loss and wish I could thank everyone of them for the sacrifice they face daily for the safety of us as a nation and others in need….I lost an uncle I never got to meet in an early war and my son in law served in the war in the middle East, and my great nephew also fought in the same war, they came home, however forever changed at what they saw and had to do….my heartfelt thanks to them all….living by a base here in Yuma, I get to say thank you to many Marines when I am out and about….feels wonderful!!! kat

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    • I am honored to be living on the NAS and to experience the lives of those that choose to serve. The rows of gravestones I see almost everyday brings a sense of sadness to me, but also one of gratitude. Thanks kat for always stopping by to read and comment. 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this post, Terry. Wreaths Across America is the organization behind recognizing those who have lost their lives serving by placing wreaths on the headstones. I can only imagine what that sight would be like. Bless you for sharing this, and for honoring our military.

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