My mom, she worries

Today is my mom’s birthday!

Image1What can I say about mom, that I have not already written about here on my blog?

Oh, you may have missed some of my past words about mom?

Well, since you asked?

Here are some excerpts from past posts about my mom, a special lady in my life –

Post: Thoughts From Years Past.18

….I once called my mom pleading for her to leave work and come help me.  Mom was there for me, helping me get through a tough time as I found in the years to follow she would do on a consistent selfless basis.

Post: My Time in a Psychiatric Hospital

I looked forward to those visitations because each time I knew my mom would be there – not once did she miss coming to visit me.

Post: Thanks Mom!

My mom may not have always understood me and my actions; but she has always supported me.  She has never questioned my choices in life even when those choices were bad ones and she has always been there to help pick me up so I can continue to move forward. 

Post: Happy Birthday Mom

She was there for me in the most difficult dark days of my life and literally saved me and my life.  She has never failed to be available for me in so many ways, so many times, for so many years.

Post: Magnificent

My mom is splendid, grand and outstanding.  But more importantly she’s understanding, unconditional, accepting and loving.

In my post ‘Mother Mary‘, I wrote the following –

I made my mom cry the other day.  It upset me that she was crying; she was crying because she knows I am going to go through a major surgery to have my bladder removed and some other organs removed, and that my life will be different.  And, I guess as a parent we don’t like to see our child suffer; we don’t want to see our child struggle and we don’t want to see our child go through certain situations.

In today’s post, I want to conclude with the following words –

When I visited my family last month for Thanksgiving and it was time for me to say goodbye to my mom – I made my mom cry again.  Image3Well, I did not make her cry, she cried because she knew what was going to take place very soon.  Thanksgiving would be the last time my mom and I would be together before my surgery.  My mom, she worries – and so she cried when it was time to say our goodbyes.  I hugged her and told her not to worry, it all would be fine; it is all good, I will be okay.

I write this post, thinking she may never see these words, but she knows how I feel about her – I have never hesitated to let her know.

Love you mom – happy birthday!


49 thoughts on “My mom, she worries

  1. There is NOTHING like a Mother’s love her her child – no matter what age their “child” is – I can guarantee that from experience! 🙂 and the love you show your mom back is so wonderful – I can also guarantee that means more to her than ANYTHING in the entire world! Happy Birthday to your wonderful, lucky Mom – who has YOU for a son! ❤ Hugs from Mars!

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  2. I have to agree with Jodi there is nothing like a Mother’s Love. When any of my five children hurt I feel dreadful (even if it is only a head/chest cold or belly aches). The last thing my children see at night is myself and their Dad and it is the first thing they see each morning. Providing that Love and security is so important to a child’s well being. There is nothing I would not do for any one of them. Best birthday wishes to your Mom even if (for now) she never reads your blog Terry. We all have an idea of what you are about to endure and it won’t be easy actually quite the opposite. I hope you will be a good patient for your caregivers! It will certainly aide in your recovery. We are in the Georgia Mountains and the gang is already fishing!!! LOL Naturally, I always bring my laptop with me. Sunshine Hugs.

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  3. What a beautiful birthday and life gift for your mom. You are both lucky to have that unbroken mother/son bond. When I think or, and see my son my heart soars. When he’s in pain my heart aches too. Im so glad you have such beautiful and unconditional love in your life Terry. Happy Birthday to your mom! 😊

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    • Thanks Alexis for your kind words and knowing the feeling of the mother/son bond. It is certainly special with us, maybe because I am the baby of the family – she is special and I love her very much. Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate you very much. 🙂

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  4. What a wonderful tribute to your mama. I could only wish my children would not only think but write something like that about me.
    Today is my daddys’ birthday. Had he lived beyond the age of 68, he would have been 96.
    Here’s to many, many more! 🙂

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  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom.
    There is nothing like the love of a mother to her child, no matter what age. That love just grows and grows with that child. There is nothing like the love a child has for their mother either, it is such a special love. You have that love with your mom, as she has it with you. Your mom will worry, it is a natural instinct. It is her love for you. 🙂
    Hope your day will be wonderful my friend. x

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      • Thanks…theres nothing I wouldn’t do for him or my daughter…but he seems to be the needy child between the two….I keep waiting for him to find a good spouse but so far the last 2 couldn’t hang in there….its the most wonderful feeling to have a loving son…your have a lucky mom as well…..thanks you for the kind words….Happy New Year….’

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  6. Such a lovely tribute to what sounds like a remarkable Lady. Your Mum knows how much you love her, as you know how much your Mum loves you. She Loves You so much because she is your MUM. You are indeed very fortunate to have a Mother who not only loves you but wanted you, I envy you. Take care.

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