Year End Boogie

Hello everyone, this post is a Video Log post related to Boogie Blogging.

What is Boogie Blogging – dancing, moving to music, making a fool of myself, creating laugher within you.

I like to dance and I like to move; movement is good for all of us.  Why not have fun while we are moving?

It you like the music with my videos, you are welcome to get up and move or dance with me!

Let loose, let’s have fun, let’s do some Boogie Blogging.

NOTE: I have not made a Boogie Blogging video in many months and for a good reason.  Remember I have a urethral stent from my right kidney to my bladder.  With lots of movement, this stent causes irritation and results in blood and clots in my urine.  I decided with the end of the year, I would do one more Boogie Blogging because very soon, the stent will be removed as well as my bladder.  I want to have one more dance to celebrate ending the year with a bladder.

A Year End Boogie Blogging while on a cruise – (accompanied by someone very special)

56 thoughts on “Year End Boogie

  1. Awe, dear sweet Terry! I am so happy and proud that you were able to have one more Boogie Blog…and a cruise! I remember how freeing and healthy our cruise was a couple of years ago! Sending you all the best for the new year and as you continue to go through your health challenges.

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  2. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your video, your spirit and your smile!! I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your post on my weight loss site. What a great way to exercise! What a great way to simply enjoy life!

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