Travel Vision

Back in June of last year, I wrote a post ‘Sneak Peek‘, that included the following excerpts –

Image 1Gary and I continue to plan our future adventure.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek into our future travels.  We are planning travels starting on or around August 2th, which is the date of the closing for the home.  Our planning involves traveling a portion of the United States and then making our way back to West Texas for Thanksgiving in which we will spend with my family.  Our plan then will be to travel back to Dallas, Texas for my urology checkup and then proceed from there as long as my checkup is good.

After winter we then plan to travel another portion of the United States and hopefully by the end of next year have traveled in all 48 continental United States.


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Yes, our further out future plans could change due to many unforeseen variables.  Do not forget, I still must have a cystoscopy performed every 3 months for the next several years due to my recent cancer.  At this time, we have not decided how this will be handled once we are on the road again.  This is an important consideration to keep in mind when we make our schedule for traveling.

In today’s post, I write the following –

When I wrote that post and those words a little over 6 months ago, I had no idea what was to come in the last months of last year and the first months of this year.  I had no idea my cancer would come back as quick as it did and I never imagined I would have to undergo chemotherapy and soon after have a major surgery.  But, ultimately this is what was to occur.

Gary and I continue to have plans to take a travel adventure across the United States.  Our hope is that this will begin sometime this year, and wishful thinking that it will begin this spring or summer. I remind myself, there is a major surgery in a couple of weeks and a recovery to follow.


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And I understand there is a few unknowns that will be revealed soon after the surgery, but I remain optimistic the travel adventure will begin sometime this year.

Some of you may remember in May of last year in my post ‘Plan B; your curveball‘, I wrote that on our travel adventure if I am close to you the readers, I would very much enjoy meeting you in person.  My plan to meet some of you in person is still in my dreams and my desires.

Since my initial posts about our travel adventure and the idea of meeting many of you; my life changed dramatically.  But the plans and the travel, though on hold now, they are still my vision for the future, especially now more so than ever.  Why?


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Well, because you have supported me and helped me through a tough time in my life.  I want to thank you both in my writings here on WP and if possible in person when the travel adventure takes place.

This post is just a reminder that the travel adventure on hold will be a reality someday – hopefully a little later this year – stay tuned.

42 thoughts on “Travel Vision

  1. Sending You and your Love Ones Light and Love dear friend! And, all those experiencing similar illness. We are all together on this planet and one suffers it effects all of us. When one Loves, is kind and generosity it effects all of us. And You love.
    Thank You. Portia

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  2. It will came to pass all in it’s own time. You have had more than a curved ball thrown at you this last year and I know you have a big hill to climb later this month but you will get to go on your adventure, you just see how you will. And we will meet and we will eat ice cream and cupcakes and make some soppy memories for later on. I actually believe we will meet often in our lives because that’s what friends do. And a little glitch like major surgery is not going to stop an amazing chap like you!

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  3. I look forward to meeting you and Gary…I know that we will meet, its in the stars for sure…but for know you must get through this next stage….you need to be only focused on you…we are all here for you sending you love, energy, bright light, and moon beams….I love this village of WordPress….friends through words, soon to be friend through hugs…can’t wait….kat and hubby

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