‘The Switch’

Google ‘Switch’ and you get the following definition –

a device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit.


Image Provided by: Exporters India

Wikipedia has the following –

Switches are most efficient (i.e., painful and durable) if made of a strong but flexible type of wood, such as hazel (also used for a very severe birch) or hickory; as the use of their names for disciplinary implements

Oh yes, I remember those days – those switches

How do these definitions relate to today?  In absolutely no way!

‘The Switch’ was made early this morning – it had to be done – he was unprepared for today – something must be wrong.

That he is me and ‘The Switch’ relates to my posts, as I was unprepared; something must be wrong.


Image Provided by: Point the Power

I originally planned to published a video post of me today.  To publish that post today, my intentions were to record yesterday, but that never happened.  There was a hospital visit yesterday followed by an errand that needed to take place prior to my surgery.  So, the day slipped by and I in my usual pain became irritable, tried and worn out.  Honestly, I had just enough energy to respond to comments yesterday before I went to bed for the night – this occurred about 6:00 PM.

‘The Switch’ took place this morning and this post originally planned for Saturday is published today.  A video post of me will now be scheduled for Saturday.

Changes were made to this post, but here some of the original words –

My plan is to post every day, because this is a personal goal of mine and I see no reason I will be unable to continue it.  So, my posts for next week will be scheduled and ready to publish my usual time of 8:45 AM CST.  As I did while on my cruise back in December, I plan to disable comments, because honestly, I will not be able to respond to them next week immediately after surgery.  I am being optimistic in my recovery and my hope is I will be able to start responding to comments by next Saturday.  With that said, I will make adjustments along the way if necessary.

Some of you have asked me about whether Gary will be updating you on my status for next week.  The answer is no, he will not.  Gary is a wonderful man as you know, but he is somewhat technology challenged.  It would not be safe for him to be in my WP account, as it might accidently be deleted – sorry Gary.

As soon as I am able, I will be back online to let you know I am fine – that is my promise to you.


Image Provided by: pranarecoverycenters.org

I am confident I will get through this surgery and initial recovery next week without issues.  I will make extra efforts to do so and I have Gary with me as my motivator.

And for the weeks to follow my recovery will be assisted by you, because each one of you motivates me.

As usual, I appreciate each of you and I am fortunate to have you as friends.

Thanks you!

45 thoughts on “‘The Switch’

  1. I’m glad Gary will not be updating not because I am casting further aspirations on his likelihood of deleting your account but because I think he needs to be free to be with you as and when you both need it and not burdened by updating all of us who will be here when you are ready and not before! Meanwhile, we will enjoy reading your scheduled posts and I for one will be sending healing karma through the ether to you and strength to Gary in his support role (and The Bean will be on the canine team so all covered from team Grenoble, France!). Hugs as always and keep that quivering chin as up as you can as you cruise towards Monday’s big challenge xx

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  2. Take as long as you need Terry. We’ll be here when you get back. I had a personal goal to post every day when I started. When the pressure became greater than the fun of blogging, I reassessed. That’s the beauty of personal goals, they can evolve! I am and will be praying for you!

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  3. I’ll reiterate what everyone else has said – Gary has plenty on his plate without updating the blog, even if he was tech savvy! We’ll all be awaiting your update (and I for one will be hoping you feel good enough to give it to us even before your current expected return date!).

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  4. I couldn’t help but giggle at your assessment of Garys’ lack of technical prowess. He may not be updating your blog but we know he will be there beside you…every step of the way…and so will we.
    Sending high hopes and warm hugs to you both. 🙂

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  5. In life we always adapt-we are extending our boat trip until mid week (next week) ’cause we can! So, I hope today’s pre-op went smoothly for you. That the next few days bring you some peace, quiet and rest. We’ll hear from you in a few weeks I am confident. As the locals say here in the Caribbean (in their accent) “Come again soon!). Lol they are so friendly. Bye friend.

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  6. Just do what you need to do to prepare yourself both physically but most importantly mentally and emotionally. And of course the better prepared and grounded you are the better Gary will be too.
    Remember, even visualize if you can the wall of support around you, helping you and encouraging you.
    Last thought. Too bad there isn’t just a bulletin board we could all post stuff on for you and Gary to see as you’re able, no replies required. Of course if I had your phone number I’d probably drive you crazy with stupid mushy inspirational cr*p so be thankful for that. Lol

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