In my wallet, I carry a card that reads ‘PowerPort’.  My PowerPort card also includes my name, my oncologist name, a date and where this PowerPort is located.

My PowerPort Patient Guide has the following –

Your Band PowerPort Implantable Port

Your Band PowerPort device is a small device (about the size of a quarter) used to carry medicine into the bloodstream.  It has one or two small basins that are sealed with a soft silicone top, called a septum.  The port is placed under the skin on your chest or arm.  The port connects to a small, soft tube called a catheter.  The catheter is placed inside one of the large central veins that take blood to your heart.  When a special needle is put into the septum, it creates “access” to your bloodstream.  Medicine and fluids can be given through the needle and blood samples can be withdrawn. 

Your port has three bumps on top of each septum.  The port with one septum is also shaped like a triangle.  These features help the nurse know that your port can receive power injections. 

My PowerPort is under my skin on my right side chest and was used for my chemotherapy treatment.  At my last visit with my Oncologist Dr. D., I asked her how long I would keep the PowerPort.  She responded I would keep it for at least a year.

My PowerPort is not just used for chemotherapy, it can also be used for IVs.  I expect my PowerPort will be used at some point during my recovery period after surgery.  Once the biopsy takes place of the organs that are removed, the possibility of chemotherapy treatment may be needed and once again my PowerPort will be used.


And if I do not immediately have need for my PowerPort, I will have it for at least the next year, just in case.  Every 3 months, my PowerPort requires flushing; I will make a trip to the hospital and a quick and painless flush of the PowerPort and catheter will take place.

Back in September in my post ‘The lab experiment‘, I wrote the following –

As indicated in my post ‘Drain‘, I have a tube inserted in my back directly into my right kidney to help relieve the pain I have experience for quite some time now.  Originally it was thought this tube would be inserted for the full 12 weeks of chemotherapy, but because there was also a stent placed in my ureter, the tube may be removed in a couple of weeks.  The stent would remain in place until after chemotherapy is completed.

I feel like a lab experiment with the medical port inserted into my chest and a tube protruding from my back

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

The tube in my back was removed several months ago, and the ureteral stent was removed last week.  The PowerPort will remain for future needs and serve as a daily reminder of all that took place before today.

49 thoughts on “PowerPort

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  2. PowerPort! I like the sound of that. It has the sound of victory! Hey, you’re alive. Your mind is still extra-good. Your attitude is positive. You’ve got a bunch of good friends.

    Enjoy the life! It’s good to hear from you, as always. 🙂

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  3. That is some fascinating information. I hope this PowerPort is not uncomfortable for you. (sorry I am a bit naive when it comes to things like this) Wishing you well and a speedy recovery my friend. I bet you can’t wait to get home to Gary and Roxy 🙂 x

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  4. Wow, I’d never even heard of a Power Port, I’m actually read it as Power Point when I first read the title of the post! The wonders of modern medicine never cease to interest me. Hopefully this will contribute to a speedy recovery and I hope its not too uncomfortable for you. Take care and much love xx

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  5. Power Port….sounds like an important part of your recovery….Stand Back, or I will Power Port you all….hummmm it also sounds like maybe its your special power ranger port….I am glad your getting better and what a wonderful team you have working on you….are you home???? sending you soooo many hugs and more hugs……gently of course…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkat

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  6. Don’t reply to this comment. Just a quick note. Where ever you are, as you’re reading this, know that you have tons of supportive, caring, wishes of strength and good wishes flowing towards you. Always. Be well, my friend.

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  7. As if you need a reminder ….. power is a good thing when used well – your power port is a good thing to be used well when needed. I send you hugs from a chilly Grenoble (but they warm up en route, I promise) 😊

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