Roxy is excited

Hello everyone –

As many of you know I am very late on responding to comments this week – and for that I am sorry. I will try my best to catch-up this weekend.

I ended up staying in the hospital until yesterday – and now am resting comfortably at home.

Gary and I are excited for me to be home, but I think Roxy is the most excited.

66 thoughts on “Roxy is excited

  1. Hey Roxie! Glad you have your human home, yay! Tell Terry we are sending doggie healing energy to him in Florida. The best way for him to receive is snuggle with you! Sending love to Gary too!🐾🐾🐾. Roscoe, Monty and Henry~~~( These are doggie licks🐶🐶🐶) P.S. no need to respond, just rest.

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  2. Lovely to see you home my friend 🙂 Roxie is so cute, her little tail wagging wildly 🙂 She must have missed you so much. I am sure she is going to be a great little one to have on your bed keeping you company while you recover. Rest, and relax, I guess that is going to be medicine for you right now. Thinking of you 🙂 Hugs xxx

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  3. You’re doing so WELL and the TLC from Roxie, who looked ready to give you all she had, will speed things. Just take it easy and don’t get too frustrated (some is expected), because hey! YOU DID IT! Be well sweetie!

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  4. Oh, Terry! It´s so good that you´re home again! And Roxy´s so excited, what a cutie she is! But it hurts to see you still hurting, please take very good care of you my friend! And there´s no need to reply, just rest and know that I´m carefully hugging you! xxxxxx

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  5. Terry, so glad to hear – and see – you are back home. Some R & R in friendlier, familiar surroundings is certainly in order for the weekend. Take care!

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  6. Wonderful to see you going home! yay! Have a RESTFUL weekend with Gary and happy-tail-Roxie but don’t let her jump on your incisions! lol AND don’t worry about answering any of my comments. I know that you’re reading them and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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  7. So very pleased you are back home, in your own surroundings.
    Peace and quiet; so much better than the constant noise and machines beeping in hospital.
    Have a restful weekend.
    Love and hugs xxxxxx

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  8. Yeah!!!!! You’re home!l So glad to see this. Hope you have a restful and peaceful weekend. I’m sure Gary is looking after you, under the watchful eye of Roxie! How cute is Roxie, she obviously missed you. Keep eating the fruit and get better soon xxx

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