Imagine You

A month ago in my post ‘Travel Vision‘, I wrote the following –

Since my initial posts about our travel adventure and the idea of meeting many of you; my life changed dramatically.  But the plans and the travel, though on hold now, they are still my vision for the future, especially now more so than ever.  Why?  Well, because you have supported me and helped me through a tough time in my life.  I want to thank you both in my writings here on WP and if possible in person when the travel adventure takes place.

In today’s post, I write the following –

I realize I would be unable to thank each one of you in person, but if it is possible to thank a few of you in person; I would be honored.  I remain optimistic this will occur someday, so in the meantime, I imagine you.  There are many of you that I know what you look like and have a clue to your personality.  Part of your personality is portrayed through your writings and posts.  But I feel no matter what we display; we do not know each other 100%, it is difficult for the true 100% of us to be here on our blogs.

Okay, so where am I going with this?

Well, back to my reason for this post – Imagine You

Back in November of last year after Thanksgiving: I was sitting on an airplane ready to fly back to Florida from Texas.  While the plane is parked at the gate, I sit in my chair waiting for others to board and take their seats.  Gary and I are lucky enough to sit on the first row of the plane, not first class mind you, but we are on the first row which means more leg room.  Across the aisle are 3 women, very different women who chat as if they are the best of friends for many years.  One of them has a familiar look because she reminds me of a fellow blogger friend who I will not mention by name here.  This fellow blogger friend does not have a picture of herself on her blog, but she has briefly displayed herself a couple of times: so, I have a glimpse of her in my mind.

As I sit there and listen to these women chat I imagine the one that has the familiar look is my fellow blogger friend.

There are other times I am in a public area imagining people around me are you.   These other people around me, these strangers to me I imagine are really friends, you my friends.

I imagine these strangers are people I know; people who I know a little about and people I know a lot about – I imagine these strangers are not strangers after all – they are friends – they are you.

I would like to meet every one of you in person someday.  Most likely that will not happen, so in the mean time I will continue to – Imagine You

(Here is an upbeat song for a Monday morning.  If I could I would be up dancing, but my recovery is not allowing that for now – soon, very soon, I will be!)

33 thoughts on “Imagine You

  1. Yes, dancing soon, I hope!

    I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever considered thinking about people I see while out and about as my online friends who I have never met. I’m guessing now that you have put the bug in my head, though, I won’t ever be able to not do it!

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    • I am temporarily in Florida while dealing with my health issues. Gary and I are living in the RV park on the Naval Air Station Pensacola. Thanks for stopping by – always appreciated. 🙂


  2. Really interesting to think about meeting all my WP friends some day down the road. In the meantime I think if I saw one of “us” out in my travels I’d pick up on it (if the web images did the person justice that is!) Hope you’re having a good day Terry. Heal up!

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  3. I hope you will be dancing very soon Terry! It would be lovely to meet blogging friends and I hope you can achieve at least a little of that. Bit trickier for me being so far away from most of my blogging community! Sending lots of healing hugs.

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  4. I often wonder if I will see WP friends while in the airport. One of my regular followers travels through often but has never met me. I am pretty sure you would know me instantly, whether you saw or heard me…💋

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    • Same here Kathryn, my pictures are current, nothing to hide here. I use to wear hats, then stopped for no particular reason and now very seldom wear them. Thanks dear for stopping by, who knows maybe we will bump into each other one day. Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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  5. Lovely post and so different. I have imagined meeting blogging) friends. I sometimes envision what a person would look like, if I didn’t know (Generally I am wrong when I do get to meet them)
    Have a happy day my friend 🙂

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