my struggle with cancer

This past Monday was 2 weeks since my surgery and my aches and pains from surgery are slightly reducing and my physical strength is slowly increasing.  A few days ago, I had a follow-up visit with my Urologist Dr. P.; he indicated the recovery is progressing as expected and he would see me again in 3 weeks.

In December in my post ‘a walnut-sized gland‘, I wrote about experiencing some pain starting prior to my cruise in December that progressively became worse.  At that time, my Urologist Dr. P. thought it might be a prostate infection and prescribed antibiotics and pain medication.

One month ago, in my post ‘to whine some today’, I wrote about my Urologist Dr. P. removing my ureteral stent and finding another small tumor in my bladder which is not surprising because my bladder cancer has a very high recurrence percentage; this was the reason to have my Radical Cystectomy surgery.  In that post I whined about the increasing pain and discomfort I was experiencing and the tears that flowed from my eyes due to the poor quality of life I was undergoing at that time.

A week prior to my surgery in my post ‘the next 9 days‘, I wrote about my visit with my Oncologist Dr. D. to discuss the pain I was experiencing.  She indicated at that time her first impression is that my cancer may have spread to my nerves.  Pain medications were increased due to the amount of pain I was experiencing and another round of imaging tests were ordered.  The CAT Scan, PET Scan and MRI resulted in nothing out of the ordinary.

Today, I wanted to provide everyone an update on what is taking place with regards to my cancer.

My surgery took 10 ½ hours to complete.  Dr. P. indicated part of my bladder had somehow embedded itself into my large intestine; he had to take extra time to delicately separate the two.  In the previous month when I was experiencing my extreme pain I would complain about having a ‘knot’ in the middle of my gut.  With the imaging tests coming back with nothing out of the ordinary, Dr. P. said this was most likely the cause of that ‘knot’ feeling and because today I no longer feel the ‘knot’, I would agree.

Prior to leaving the hospital last week, I received my Pathology report from my surgery; the results indicated my cancer had spread.  My Radical Cystectomy removed several organs and in males the seminal vesicles are also removed.  My cancer had spread into the seminal vesicles and these glands have many nerves running through them.  This most likely was the reason for the extreme pain I was experiencing prior to surgery and now that pain I no longer feel.  The Pathology report also found the cancer had spread into other lymph nodes in the pelvic region; the surgery also removed all lymph nodes in my pelvic region.

Bottom line is Bladder Cancer spreading to other parts of the body can be difficult to treat and the 5-year survival rate is very low.

While in the hospital, I spoke briefly with my Oncologist Dr. D. and will meet with her again in 2 weeks to discuss the options available in moving forward with my struggle with cancer.


98 thoughts on “my struggle with cancer

  1. I personally don’t pay attention to statistics. Just living each day to the fullest. I Just visualize what I want my body to do and to overcome fear and not dwell on the cancer. I won’t give it the time of the day. You can do it😊

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  2. You’re recovering nicely and seem to have a lot less pain and discomfort which is positive. The news you got isn’t the best, but it’s also not the worst and with your attitude, who knows? You may just kick the C altogether! And time is relative. Didn’t Einstein or someone really smart like that prove it to us? Healing thoughts and happy times !

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  3. Oh Terry, so sorry the news was not better. I have faith in you, and you have the strongest and most positive attitude ever. I am pleased your pain is easing as the days go by and your recovery takes place. Hang in there my friend. Rest is the best medicine right now. Love and Hugs x

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  4. Glad they were able to explain ‘the knot’, but still strange that it happened. This improves the chances of being relatively pain-free as you more fully recover. Sending virtual spoons and hugs for your mental strength.

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  5. So, some good news (in that you’re having less pain) and bad (with the cancer spreading) – hopefully all has been removed and you’ll be on the road to remission very very soon..
    Continued prayers and Hugs!!

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  6. Thank you for sharing your latest status. I’m so glad that you’re in less pain except for the routine surgery pains that as you say will keep improving.
    The pathology report and possible related consequences are a “kick-in-the-ass” that You don’t need, and I prayed that you wouldn’t have to face. I’m so sorry.
    But as a few people have already mentioned it certainly isn’t irreparable news, you have many things on your side. Your age is a benefit, your overall strength, getting care from top-notch doctors, your incredible attitude and almost countless amounts of support.
    So keep doing what you’re doing, one day and one step at a time. 🙂

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    • Thank you Amanda, I know you are right in your comment, I do have many things working for me. I have my moments of weakness and then there are my supportive friends such as yourself that help pick me up and remind me, to continue to be strong. I appreciate you, your prayers, support and encouragement. Happy day my friend. 🙂

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  7. IN my belief of healing and beating all odds…is first the positive attitude, and man do you have that one nailed down….your outlook on life up close and personal is so important to your healing….in my opinion of course, and its always right !!! lol second is your support group…you couldn’t be more supported if you were a pair of veins in good Ted hose…LOL you have a loving, caring, devoted husband, your personal family, Roxy, and then all of us…there isn’t a day that goes by your not in my thoughts !!!! We may have never met, but my friend I hold you near and dear !!! And then there’s your medical team…and I think you have a wonderful group of professionals that know their stuff….I know you feel the same as you have literally put your life in their hands and they are caring, loving, knowledgeable group of people…finally there is the sprit, social ideologies, we all believe in our own ways, no ones God, Goddess, Buddha, moon worshiper – whomever/whatever is better than someone else’s, but to me its important to be spiritual…and I know you are……you have cancer on the run….you are over a huge hurdle in your fight…’ve got this my friend….one day at a time…one moment at a time….danced in the sliver of a moon for you last night….sending you much warmth, love and moon beams……xxxxkat

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    • You bring tears to my eyes, because I know what you write is the truth. I have this past week have had my challenges mentally as I struggle to accept the new me and still the unknown that lies ahead. I find strength in your words and your friendship. kat, you are special – I appreciate you very much, thanks dear. 🙂


      • Just take it one day at a time…..don’t over think it…it will all start to feel more like you…..I am so incredibly proud of how your doing…..its okay to be sad and let it out….that only makes you human my dear….

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  8. Terry thank you for that update on your progress.. I am thankful that the surgery has reduced your pain levels that you were in.. And you know my friend you are forever held within my healing thoughts.. And I know you are a fighter and will get stronger as you heal from your surgery.. You have remarkable courage to share this journey with everyone here.. And that inner spirit you have I know will help you grow in strength day by day..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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  9. No wonder you were in so much pain, Terry. I am so relieved that you recovered from such a long surgery and that the pain has reduced. I can never tell whether it is good to have an honest prognosis or not but at least you know to enjoy every pain free moment, take a vacation as soon as you are stronger and bear in mind that new treatments such as Immunotherapy are emerging all the time. Much love K x

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  10. Dearest Terry …. there is nothing I can say that makes this prognosis go away, nothing I can do that makes it all better but I can tell you I am right with you, hand in yours, lockstep all the way. Because you are my friend. I send you warmth and strength and light from here in France and the promise that I will be back in the US as soon as I can so that I can deliver on those cupcakes and ice-cream and just pass some good times with a good friend. Take care of yourself, my dear friend, take good care.

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    • Thank you Osyth, reading your comment brings me a smile – how fortunate to have you as a supportive friend. Those cupcakes and ice-cream, I look forward to one day. Thanks dear for catching up on my posts, I appreciate you. 🙂

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      • I’m back in la-la land or is it back FROM la-la land …. I can never quite work out which I am at any given time! Anyway, all unpacked and sort of settled and I will be reading you in real time from tomorrow and as ever you have my warmest from what is in reality a rather cold gateway to the Alpes! ❄️

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  11. You are a fighter. I love that kind of spirit in the midst of such trials. Many, many well wishes for your recovery. I am playing catch up today, as you can tell!

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  12. I have been newly diagnosed with stomach cancer and just opened a blog yesterday to write about this new journey in my life. I just read your post and my heart is simply breaking for what you have endured. I will say a prayer for your recovery and a break from that pain. Stay strong and positive, keep fighting.

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    • Sandra, I am very sorry to hear about your health news. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your kind comment and for following my blog. And I appreciate your support and encouragement. I hope you have a happy day today. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much spearfruit. After reading your posts I burst into tears…maybe I shouldn’t say that but your posts of your journey with this disease really brought the reality of something all new to me…I never thought I would have cancer. I just completed a post about my Dad. Happy day wishes to you as well 🙂

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        • I totally understand, I have thought to myself on many occasions, that I never ever thought I would have cancer. I have been dealing with this for a little over a year now and I it is still uncertain at this point as to what is to come. I just try to deal with it one day at a time. Hang in there and trust me there is a great deal of support here on WordPress. 🙂

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          • Thank you so much and know that your in my prayers. I am going to do my best, and while I know it may not be easy, I am up for the challenge. 🙂 Yes, I read so many different posts from others and I was simply shocked at just how many people in this community alone have cancer. Have a wonderful evening 🙂

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